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10 Jobs in Web Technology You’ve Never Heard Of

10 Jobs in Web Technology You’ve Never Heard Of

Web developers design websites either as freelancers or as part of enterprise teams. These individuals may specialize in front-end development, which entails designing websites and providing content, or back-end development, which involves developing code to make website features operate, depending on the position. Web developers can also serve as site webmasters, performing upkeep, upgrades, and troubleshooting as needed.

Is Web Technology a good career option?

As the number of businesses that are coming online continues to expand, the demand for web designers and developers grows by the minute. Web developers are becoming more competent at integrating various technologies to create websites that meet company goals and customer expectations. A career as a web developer is bright and filled with opportunities as you advance. On a good note, a career in Web Technology is rewarding and has flexible work hours in most companies.

10 job opportunities for Web Technology: What Can You Do After Studying Web Technology?

If you are interested in a Web development career, you have a number of options to choose from. Here are a few of the more well-known ones:

1. Front-End Developer

The role of a front-end developer is to guarantee that website users may readily interact with the page. They accomplish this by combining design, technology and programming to code the appearance of a website and debugging. Everything you see, click on, or use on a website is the result of the efforts of a front-end developer.

Average Salary: Rs.487,700 per annum
Scope: Rs.260,000 ~ Rs.1,200,000 per annum

2. Web Developer

This position focuses on back-end work with web-specific computer languages such as PHP, ASP, Ruby, Python, and others. You need medium skill in database/server work, medium skill in JavaScript and light skill in HTML. They differ from a Front-End Developer on the lines of programming principles and problem-solving. As a Web developer, their main focus lies on security and structure, rather than on design.

Scope: Rs.125,000 ~ Rs.890,000 per annum

3. Web Analyst

A web analyst is responsible to track and analyze user behavior, engagements and patterns using data analytics. Their role requires them to derive inferences from the collected information, strategize and improve the design, user experience and conversions of the website. The job of a web analyst is usually in high demand.

Average Salary: Rs.320,000 per annum
Scope: Rs.120,000 ~ Rs.1,070,000 per annum

4. UX Designer/Developer

The user experience of a product or service is developed by a UX designer. It is their responsibility to make sure that the functionality of a website is smooth, accessible and intuitive to the needs and behaviors of the end user. Conducting research, developing strategies, designing wireframes, product prototypes and testing the products are a part of the process. UX designers also get to collaborate with developers, designers etc., to deliver a project.

Average Salary: Rs.570,000 per annum
Scope: Rs.200,000 ~ Rs.1,560,000 per annum

5. Technical Consultant

A technical consultant collaborates with a firm or client to develop strategies for improving technology processes while lowering expenses. They frequently work on applying their technical knowledge to debug and resolve technical issues, conduct test applications and offer long-term security and maintenance solutions.

Average Salary: Rs.870,000 per annum
Scope: Rs.300,000 ~ Rs.2,000,000 per annum

6. Full-stack Developer

A full-stack developer is skilled in both front-end and back-end programming languages. Thanks to their vast skill set, they can work on every step of web development process, including prototyping and programming browsers, servers and databases Full-stack development is an in-demand profession and is among the highest-paid jobs in the web tech domain.

Average Salary: Rs.690,000 per annum
Scope: Rs.300,000 ~ Rs.1,200,000 per annum

7. DevOps

DevOps is all about processes and automation. DevOps experts are crucial in bringing code, application maintenance and application administration for the smooth functioning of software. All of these responsibilities necessitate a thorough understanding of development life cycles, DevOps culture, including its philosophy, methods and tools. Basically, pursuing a DevOps job would require you to be an all-rounder in planning, development and execution.

Average Salary: Rs.600,000 per annum
Scope: Rs.400,000 ~ Rs.1,400,000 per annum

8. WordPress/Shopify Developer

A WordPress or Shopify developer focuses solely on creating custom themes for clients who use one of the world’s most prominent Content Management Systems, WordPress or Shopify (CMS). Clients might range from a large marketing firm that wants to remodel their website to a small apparel company that is trying out ecommerce for the first time.

Average Salary: Rs.400,000 per annum
Scope: Rs.300,000 ~ Rs.1,000,000 per annum

9. SEO Specialist

A Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Specialist examines, evaluates and executes modifications to websites. SEO experts make sure that the content on the website results in maximum traffic and maintains the search engine aesthetic of websites. This entails increasing a site’s page rank, conducting website analysis, having in-depth knowledge of keyword research, developing SEO copywriting skills, and collaborating with various marketing teams to maximize results.

Average Salary: Rs. 265,051 per annum
Scope: Rs.200,000 ~ Rs.600,000 per annum

10. Product Manager

A Web Product Manager creates new software product concepts, its designs, and/or enhancements to existing product designs that are in line with market and user needs. The responsibility of a product manager extends to conducting market research to thorough grasp customer requirements, new technologies, industry trends and competitors. To effectively show product ideas and concepts, a Web Product Manager participates in all areas of the product development lifecycle, including product analysis, design, testing and integration, as well as product market introduction.

Average Salary: Rs. 1,180,000 per annum
Scope: Rs.550,000 ~ Rs.2,500,000 per annum

As should be visible in this comprehensive rundown of occupation titles under web improvement, the area is loaded up with rewarding open doors with exceptionally serious compensation and advantages. After various iterations every day, such fields continually create new work positions, consequently expanding the market for quality employable people.

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