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G.O.A.T Digital Marketing Jobs You Can’t Miss!

G.O.A.T Digital Marketing Jobs You Can’t Miss!

Owing to the booming technology and expanding online platforms, digital marketing is trending today. According to Datareportal, India had 624.0 million internet users last year, and this itself is an answer for making digital marketing one of the fastest-growing employment fields. The diverse career opportunities are known for their versatility among professionals attracting technical and creative minds! Since the pandemic, digital marketing has seen a significant rise due to the transition of several businesses from offline to online segments. It encompasses numerous roles and responsibilities serving various parameters of the marketing strategy.

Why should you choose a career in digital marketing?

  • It is a new profession highly in demand, leading to diverse opportunities.
  • Unlike traditional marketing, you don’t always have to travel for digital marketing; even remote jobs are available.
  • With fine experience, this career becomes lucrative.
  • Digital marketing is an evolving sector, so forget the boring monotonous work.

What are the digital marketing career options?

Content Writer

Content Writing is the foundation where digital marketing starts. A writer blends every aspect of marketing efficiently by communicating the relevant information with the customers. It includes website writing, email writing, copywriting, technical writing, creative writing, etc.

Social Media Executive

Maintaining the brand’s presence across social media requires constant content curation. The social media executive is responsible for conducting the marketing activities across various social media platforms spreading brand awareness, and attracting customers. In addition, it involves several auditing and analyzing metrics to gauge performance.

Search Engine Marketer

Search Engine Marketer performs several tests to acquire and evaluate data. Their primary focus is to increase the ROI from the campaign, hence having a keen eye on the wavering trends and insights. Search Engine Marketers need to be thorough with the tools and skills to flourish in the sector.

SEO Expert

SEO Specialists are the drivers of website traffic. They are responsible for increasing the visibility and standing first among the competitors. To become an SEO Expert, you need to be experienced and have significant exposure to SEO tools and industry.

Digital Marketing Manager

With good experience in the sector, one can climb the hierarchy ladder to become Digital Marketing Manager. However, extensive industrial exposure and knowledge of digital marketing are required to lead the team.

Content Marketing Manager

The Content Marketing Manager is the one heading the content marketing department of the business. From scratch to the final approval, every piece is created and curated under the surveillance of the content marketing manager.


UX, also known as User Experience involves understanding the needs of the customers, and help to develop the product according to the requirement. UX plays a vital role in the digital marketing business by attracting the consumers and converting their desire into revenue.

Web designer

Website is one of the prime channels of digital marketing. So, to have a better and attractive reach, web designers are important. Designing website templates, graphics, and branding with colours, images, tone etc. are some key functions of a web designer.

Web developers

Unlike web designers who design websites, web developers are the ones who build the website. They incorporate all the specifications of the company and add features addressing the user’s needs.

Digital Sales

Digital sales utilize online platforms to reach out to potential customers or clients providing information, and finally offering a service that is tailored to their specific needs. Digital sales use various tools and tactics to connect with the right consumer and save time.

How to start a career in digital marketing?

digital marketing course.

  • Look for internships for practical knowledge.
  • Start freelancing to get hands-on experience in the domain
  • Networking through LinkedIn will help you reach out to jobs and industry leaders.
  • Apply for jobs regularly.


If you have the zeal and fire within you, digital marketing has a lot to offer you. So get moving; you will figure out how to get to your destination along the road!

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