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10 Web Development Courses for a High Paying Career!

10 Web Development Courses for a High Paying Career!

Website development is crucial in today’s internet-driven dot-com world, and a web developer is every company’s big cheese. About 1.93 billion websites are online at the moment making websites an essential component of every organisation, big or small, as a digital presence is a must. To have a digital presence, skilled web developers are in-demand.

If you aspire to be one – Numerous web development courses are flooding the market as web development has become indispensable. But how to choose the best web development course? Opting for a course that teaches web technology basics and fits your budget is good to begin with. Look for courses that offer projects and internship opportunities too to gain industrial exposure.

Top 10 Web Development Courses


To become a web developer, you must be looking for top web development courses, wondering about the fees, duration, course module etc. So, here we bring you a list of top web development courses that will prepare you for a lucrative future.

1. Advanced Certificate Program in Full Stack Software Development

Platform: Great Learning

Collaboration between IIT Roorkee and EICT, Advanced Certificate Program in Full Stack Software Development, is the best pick for you if you are planning to hone your web development skills. This course teaches you quality skillsets like Python, Data Science, and Cloud Computing to prepare you to become a Full-Stack Developer. It has online classes, and you get a chance to learn from the IITR faculty. In addition, you can seek help from the placement committee to land a job in web technology.

2. Full Stack Development Bootcamp

Platform: Upgrad
If you are eagerly looking for a career in web development, Full Stack Development Bootcamp is one of the best web developer courses. This course trains you with its comprehensive live program and makes you job-ready. It is designed for working professionals and you get to participate in more than four hackathons for better practical exposure. Students get mentorship throughout the program, and placement assistance is offered after the course.  

3. Full Stack Java Developer Bootcamp

Platform: SimpliLearn

This course offers a complete package of software development skills. Full Stack Java Developer Bootcamp is a 6-month program with a guaranteed job with an average salary of around 6.7LPA. You learn concepts like Agile and Scrum methodologies, Java and data structures, RESTful web services and UI skills. Moreover, HIRIST and HackerEarth prepare you for the job with practical exposure.

4. Meta Back-End Developer Professional Certificate

Platform: Coursera

Earn the certificate from Meta and build a career as a qualified Back-End Developer. With the Meta Back-End Developer Professional Certificate program, you can learn programming languages like Python, SQL, Linux commands, Git, Syntax, etc. Furthermore, you can learn skills like cloud hosting, Django, data structure, API, and web development. After completion, you are eligible to access the Meta Career Programs Job Board- a platform for connecting with more than 200 employers to land your dream job.

5. Become a Certified HTML, CSS, JavaScript Web Developer

Platform: Udemy
With this course, you can learn web development from scratch by coding and creating a website. This online course teaches you skills like Database Development, SQL, Server-Side Development, HTML and CSS. In addition, you get dozens of code samples to study and practice thoroughly. And finally, after completing this course, you will get four certificates for each specialised language.

6. Developing Cloud Applications with Node.js and React

Platform: edx
If you want to specialise in React, explore this course by IBM. Developing Cloud Applications with Node.js and React is a 3-week self-paced course. This course teaches the server-side application, Node.js, DevOps, API, JSON, HTTP, etc. There is a total of 5 modules, where the final module is a project to work on your theoretical skills.

7. Full Stack Web Developer- Nanodegree Program

Platform: Udacity
The Full Stack Web Developer Nanodegree program aims to educate students about a diverse range of skills required to create web apps and APIs that are supported by databases. This four-month program will train students on topics like SQL, Data Modelling, and Flask. After completing this program, learners will be competent in designing and constructing databases for software applications, developing and deploying database-based web APIs. Additionally, learners will discover how to use Docker and Kubernetes to publish a Flask-based web application to the cloud.

8. Computer Programming Intro to HTML/CSS: Making webpages

Platform: Khan Academy
If you are looking for one of the best comprehensive online resources for free web development courses, then explore Khan Academy. Learners learn from a diverse range of topics with the help of insightful videos and extensive study materials. Intro to HTML/CSS: Making Web Pages will train you on the very basics of web development. The course covers topics of HTML, HTML Tags, CSS, Webpage Design, etc.

9. Learn HTML

Platform: Codecademy
For learners who are very new to web development and have zero knowledge of coding, Codecademy is a great pick. You can learn about HTML, structuring HTML pages, creating HTML tables and finally, creating the skeleton of the website. Learning HTML by Codecademy not only helps you learn with its lessons but also tests your knowledge with quizzes. Moreover, it also has projects that teach you to create blogs.

10. Master Web Development with the Scaler Academy Program

Platform: Scaler Academy
This is one of the best web development courses in the market if you want to be an all-rounder in this domain. You learn the basics like HTML, CSS and JavaScript; and other master web frameworks like ReactJS and NodeJS. In addition, you will learn the basics of Web Development, web programming, and Database Management. Master Web Development with the Scaler Academy Program is an excellent option if you want a good grasp of web development in 2022.

If you google for top web development courses, there are numerous results. So, rather than getting confused, note down your interest and requirements and start hunting courses accordingly. The list mentioned above includes all kinds of web development courses. Be it a professional web development course or a web development course for beginners, you can choose any type of course from the list. Simply pick the one that best suits your needs and get started. 

And if you are worried about the high-end expenses of these courses, don’t worry! Eduvanz offers low-interest education loans that assure instant approval with flexible tenures. Dare to dream big with Eduvanz!

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