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25 Ultimate Cloud Computing Interview Questions for Jobseekers

Cloud Computing Interview Questions

Cloud Computing is a booming domain. With many aspiring professionals joining the field, it becomes more and more challenging to crack interviews. So, the best way to be job-ready is by prepping in advance. While you might be good with the concepts, it helps to practice answering some of the most commonly asked cloud computing interview questions. 

Tip: Even if it feels awkward, take it upon yourself to practice answering these questions in front of the mirror. This boosts your confidence and makes the interviewer feel you’ve prepared well by the way you answer.

Most Commonly Asked Interview Questions for Cloud Computing 

  1. What are the key features of Cloud Computing and their benefits?
  2. Name some of Cloud Computing or types of Cloud Computing?
  3. Which are the main constituents of the cloud ecosystem?
  4. Who are the Cloud service providers in a cloud ecosystem?
  5. What are the differences that occur in distributed operations?
  6. Mention the reliability and availability of Cloud Computing.
  7. Explain the Cloud Computing Architecture.
  8. What are the Cloud Storage Levels?
  9. Give the best example for open-source Cloud Computing.
  10. What are microservices and their importance in the cloud?
  11. What is an AMI? How do we implement it?
  12. Why are Hybrid Clouds so important?
  13. List the platforms that are used for large-scale Cloud Computing.
  14. Mention the different types of models used for the deployment in Cloud Computing.
  15. Explain security management in terms of Cloud Computing.
  16. Explain the full form and the usage of ‘Eucalyptus’ in Cloud Computing.
  17. Which are the layers of Cloud Computing?
  18. Mention the names of some large cloud providers and databases.
  19. What is meant by Edge Computing?
  20. Mention different data center deployments of Cloud Computing.
  21. What are the characteristics of cloud architecture that differ from traditional cloud architecture?
  22. Mention the key components of AWS.
  23. Explain the security usage in the Amazon Web Services model.
  24. What are the reasons that make Amazon so big?
  25. What is PaaS used for?

These are some of the most commonly asked questions in interviews. While these questions touch upon the basics, these are still the most commonly asked questions in a Cloud Computing interview. By confidently answering these questions you will be letting the interviewer know that you are thorough with the concepts of Cloud Computing.

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