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5 Drone Facts Every Techie Must Know!

Interesting facts on drone

Drones are fascinating yet efficient technological creations. Termed the Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), drones are unpiloted aircraft or winged robots that fly and have a wide range of functions such as weather surveillance, filming and photography of inaccessible zones, and, most importantly, military operations. Drones can fly anywhere and cover anything for you, whether it’s your backyard, cyclone zones, or even the polar ice caps!

Are you a gadget geek?
Do you call yourself a drone aficionado?

If that’s the case, did you know that a drone is the buzzing sound made by a male honey bee while flying? The name ‘Drone’ was coined because the noise generated by a flying drone is like a flying bee? There are several myths and truths surrounding drones, and we have compiled a list of 5 interesting facts which we believe every techie must know about.

5 interesting facts about drones :

1. History of drones- An old story about modern drones!

The idea for an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) was conceived initially during an Austrian air raid on Venice on August 22, 1849, where 200 balloons loaded with time fuses and bombs were dispatched. On the other hand, Abraham Karem invented the first version of the contemporary drone in his garage. The drone, code-named Albatross, paved the way for the modern Predator drone currently used by the US Air Force. Drone technology has progressed over time and has come a long way from a not so short history of UAV.

Use of drone in farming

 2. Drones in farming.

Out of the myriads of its applications, farmers can now use drones to cut down on everyday hassles at work. Drones can assist farmers in streamlining the usage of seed, water, fertilizers and much more. It can also be employed to respond faster to hazards such as weeds, pests, and fungi. Drones have been developed to increase variable-rate prescriptions and evaluate field yield instantaneously. In addition, agri-drones can spray chemicals because they have reservoirs loaded with fertilizers and insecticides for sprinkling on crops. As a result, drone technology has the potential to transform the agriculture industry.

3. Have you heard of Drone Racing Leagues?

The Drone Racing League (DRL) is a highly qualified drone racing league boasting a global influence. It features the top drone pilots worldwide competing with one another, with millions of viewers tuning in to see them on NBC, Twitter, and other international sports platforms. DRL is beginning to transform the future of sports by integrating innovative technology with immersive drone racing, bringing high-speed action to the real world, virtual reality, and the metaverse.

4. Keep an eye on your drone at all times!

According to FAA regulations, when operating a drone, one must keep it in a visual line of sight. Yes, you will be flying it through woods and greens, valleys and peaks, and many other bumps, so ensure you keep visual contact to avoid getting it lost. If a commercial drone pilot needs to fly beyond the visual line of sight, they can request a Part 107 waiver.

5. Soon drones may deliver pizza.

In Auckland, New Zealand, a couple became the first in the world to have a pizza delivered by drone in 2016. Domino’s flew Peri-Peri Chicken and Chicken & Cranberry pizzas and is now looking into the feasibility of commercial drone delivery in Oceania. Domino’s has renewed its alliance with Flirtey (SkyDrop), its drone technology partner, since 2016, to begin the second phase of their commercial drone delivery collaboration in New Zealand. Trials for delivery will start later this year.

Drones are a game-changing technology that will revolutionize the world in dimensions you have never imagined. As technology and innovation improve, drones and their use will become increasingly popular. So, in the next ten years, be ready- war or space, business or hobby, you will find drones everywhere!

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