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3D Printing

Hiring Now for 3D Printing Professionals in These Sectors

Hiring Now for 3D Printing Professionals in These Sectors

According to MarketsandMarket report, the 3D printing business will be worth $32.78 billion by 2023, with a 25.76 percent annual growth rate. The 3D printing industry is a dynamically expanding business with an increasing demand for skilled professionals. A 3D printer creates a 3D model with substances such as plastic, metal, or ceramic by continuously overlaying a work surface with layers of substance concisely deploying computer-aided design (CAD) files as the input signal. Unfortunately, experts with 3D printing knowledge and efficient skills are in short supply, which means there are many opportunities for aspiring folks like you!

What are the career opportunities in 3D printing?

  • 3D Designer
  • 3D printing auto mechanics and engineer
  • 3D organ and prosthetic designer
  • 3D Customization and Prototyping
  • 3D CAD Modelling
  • Research and Development
  • 3D printing IP and copyright lawyers
  • 3D printing software developers

5 sectors hiring 3D Printing

3D printing is transforming the industrial sector, with its benefits now being recognized across a wide range of businesses. Many 3D printing jobs are already on the radar for any developing market. Since the 3D printing sector blends technology, programming, and material expertise, there are numerous job opportunities in additive manufacturing for individuals from various disciplines. The following are some of the most prevalent jobs:


The Aerospace business is a fantastic illustration of how Additive Manufacturing can manufacture sturdier and lighter products than conventional manufacturing components. The aerospace industry was an early proponent of 3D printing and persisted in making significant contributions to its growth. Precise, smooth scale models of aeronautical designs are created using SLA and Material Jetting.

Healthcare and Medical

In various methods, 3D printing in healthcare helps medical practitioners consider giving patients advanced innovative treatments. It is intended to create a patient-specific replica of organs, bones, blood vessels, and sophisticated surgical cutter and prosthetics. The developments in healthcare concerning additive manufacturing have resulted in lighter, sturdier, and healthier products, known for their faster delivery and economical price. Customized elements can be made to fit the needs of each individual. It enhances medical professionals’ insight into patients and increases patient satisfaction by permitting engagement with devices suited explicitly for their anatomy.


Robotics ideas are at the heart of 3D printing machines. However, as technology advances, 3D printing will be able to add value directly to its fundamental expertise by assisting in the creation of robots. Mechanical engineering, electronics, biotechnology, computer science, and other fields contribute significantly to creating a robot.

Architecture and Engineering

Engineers can use 3D printing to develop new prototypes, including ones with intricate internal layouts and geometries, solve challenges, and seek solutions. The ideal 3D printer may speed up the production process by reducing from months to days. In addition, it increases interpersonal cooperation and allows for the quick manufacture of prototypes and end-use parts, assuring that operations are completed on time under planned budget, further resulting in the anticipated outcomes.

Art or Gifting

3D printing is ideal for making one-of-a-kind and customized gifts. Businesses that use 3D printing as a manufacturing tool can bring their innovative items to the marketplace quicker and smaller quantities. Jewlery, shoes, tie, home interiors, bags, and many fashion apparels are some common areas where additive manufacturing is used. So, if you are creative and love building unique stuff, this sector will definitely appear fascinating to you.

The rapid advancement and economic proliferation of 3D printing technology have a wide-ranging impact on numerous industries, resulting in a wave of employment prospects in various fields. Students with degrees in engineering, computer and information sciences, and life sciences, in particular, will find unique and ample work prospects in the 3D printing business. In addition, it can lead to opportunities in many businesses where both technical and interpersonal skills are recognized and desired.

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