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Artificial Intelligence

5 Sectors Hiring AI Professionals!

5 Sectors Hiring AI Professionals!

While artificial intelligence may appear to be a specialized field at initial sight, it is gradually becoming omnipresent. Every company wants to enhance its commercial platforms and services by incorporating an automated internal process that is user-centric and customer-friendly. A growing number of sectors and domains are prepared to be transformed and advanced by AI, resulting in several new job opportunities for AI professionals.

What are the applications of AI?

  • It is one of the prime methods implemented for marketing automation.
  • For the execution of sales and business forecasting by predictive lead scoring.
  • In the detection of cyber security threats.
  • Numerous CRM optimizations deploy AI.
  • Using chatbots for an interactive customer platform

Top 5 sectors hiring AI professionals

Due to the technological transition resulting in better productivity, agility, and consistency of operations, various industries are looking for AI expertise. Using information provided by Jigsaw, we’ve compiled a list of the top 5 sectors that rely on artificial intelligence. If you’re interested in pursuing a career in this field, check out the list below since they’re worth exploring!


When it comes to AI in the transportation sector, self-driving cars and smart cars are the most common examples. However, AI technology is used in a variety of ways in addition to smart automobiles. For example, artificial intelligence helps manufacturers minimize expenses while creating a secure and highly reliable factory floor. In addition, product deviations can be easily identified using technologies like Computer Vision.


Artificial intelligence (AI) has the power to revamp healthcare practice. AI can assist healthcare providers in having a better experience by allowing them to devote more attention to actual patient care and lowering exhaustion. Many techniques and tools have come up for cancer treatment and other chronic ailments.


Finance has constantly been required for various functions among the most accurate kinds of computational technology. In terms of AI and machine learning, the banking industry would depend mainly on these technologies’ algorithms to identify illegal transactions and act as a catalyst for a secure and safe online transaction.

Manufacturing Industries

There are numerous sectors of the manufacturing industry that AI-based bots or systems could improve. AI would inevitably emerge for the manufacturing industry, from robot-driven operations to intelligent technologies to forecast breakdown equipment. They can contribute to safer workplaces by completing potentially hazardous duties that frequently result in worker casualties. Workers would be given less stressful responsibilities and the capacity to focus on more sophisticated activities without risk of damage.


Data and AI are rapidly altering advertising, as they are in so many other businesses. These shifts may be seen in targeted commercials on internet platforms, chatbots that assist customers in purchasing choices, and celebrities that connect with customers. In advertising, artificial intelligence refers to the replicating of human intellect in computers that are taught to think like humans and imitate their activities depending on their data.

With artificial intelligence’s (AI) expanding significance in today’s market, many AI career pathways have become available. It’s no surprise that AI’s capability boosts every industry, necessitating an increase in the demand for AI professionals. Whether it’s education, healthcare, agriculture, or any other industry, AI has a significant impact across the board, resulting in exciting employment options in the artificial intelligence field. All you need is the in-depth domain knowledge and a solid commitment to honing the required skills to land the perfect job!

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