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5 Tips You Cannot Miss to Grow Your YouTube Channel

YouTube Tips

Google is the world’s largest search engine. But did you know that YouTube is the second largest? Video consumption and creation is a huge market and utilizing the power of video marketing for your business is an effective strategy to grow it. However, with thousands of companies and content creators online, it’s a constant struggle to create viral, clickbaity content that people can relate to. Thus, establishing your brand’s presence on YouTube and online presence will need an effective strategy and a lot of hard work.

There is no denying that YouTube is growing tremendously, and having your company’s own YouTube channel to market your products is a good start. However, here’s a catch. Even after understanding the need to be present on YouTube, many companies cannot effectively tap this medium. Creating videos regularly is more complicated than it sounds.

Out of 51 million active channels on YouTube, only 30,000 have over 1 million YouTube subscribers!

Don’t get intimidated by the statistics. Let us come to your rescue. We lay down five proven tips to help you grow your YouTube channel, whether you are new or already there in the existing business.

TIP 1: Focus on one topic per video: This does not mean you cannot make multiple videos revolving around one topic. You can. However, stick to that topic, be on point and don’t beat around the bush. Don’t use the title of your video as clickbait. It will eventually taint your name in the industry. Also, if you don’t know which topic to shoot a video on, go to YouTube and search the already existing popular content. Take the topic from there and shoot the video using your creativity, giving it your original twist.

Pro Tip: Use tools like KeywordToolDominator to find trending keywords for your video title and make your video rank better and get more traffic.

TIP 2: Make your audience feel special: if you want people to watch your videos and ultimately become your subscribers, you will have to value their opinion. You must reply to as many comments as possible and take up topics on which to make videos if your audience demands. Going one step further, instead of waiting for people to ask for something in the comments, initiate a conversation yourself to ask for topics of their interest in which they would like to see a video. Do a Q&A if your viewers want one. Make your audience feel valued and noticed.

TIP 3: Engage with the viewers: Just like all other sites, YouTube recognizes those channels which have the higher rate of likes, comments, watch time and overall time spent on the channel. So, you are missing a lot if you are not asking people to leave a comment, like, share your video, or even subscribe to your channel. Keep them updated and on their toes to follow your content with the right actionable. Collaborate with celebrities or YouTube channel owners to provide your audience with diversified content.

TIP 4: Attractive thumbnails: Thumbnails may appear insignificant, yet they have a significant influence, sometimes more than the titles. This is because our brains are wired to notice images first. YouTube promotes other videos through thumbnails on its title, so make sure yours is distinctive and better than the rest. The same is true for YouTube searches. Because they have a greater click-through rate, videos with a snappy title and enticing thumbnail frequently rank better, even if the material itself isn’t as valuable (CTR). Use methods such as highlighted regions, arrows, colossal text, and stunning or eye-catching pictures to boost your CTR.

Pro Tip: Use resolution 1280 x 720 px; format JPG or PNG; attractive fonts, and play with colours to invite more clicks. Make sure to customize your video as much as possible.

TIP 5: Use other social media sites like Instagram, Snapchat, and Meta to promote your YouTube videos. Capture snapshots from your video and post them as a story on Instagram. Create a shorter video to post as a reel. It will serve as a teaser for your main video. Shoot behind the scenes and put a story on Snapchat. Set a countdown story for your video on various platforms making the viewers excited about the same. You can even utilize your blogs to market a specific video or channel. All of this is called cross-promotion of your channel.

How you promote your Videos on YouTube is almost as crucial as the eminence of the content itself! However, by implementing the tried and proven tactics outlined in this blog, you will be able to advertise your YouTube page like a pro and expand your fans and subscribers (as well as your overall brand!).

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