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All About Drones in a Nutshell

Drone Technology

Drones are one of the most famous devices in today’s times. It is often referred to as UAD or Unmanned Aerial Device. They fly in a controlled manner with nobody onboard. Drones can be controlled by computers and artificial intelligence or by a remote human. Most drones today are a mixture of both, they are controlled by humans via remote control and also have artificial intelligence to carry out basic navigations.

Types Of Drones

Drones can be classified into various categories. One way to categorize them is on the basis of their design. The following are the types of drones:

Single Propeller Drone

These kinds of drones have just one propeller mounted on top of them. It provides sufficient lift force to keep the drone hovering in the air. However, there is no way of manoeuvring this drone. A big issue with these drones is that because of the single propeller the body keeps rotating opposite to the direction of the propeller. They can only go up and down vertically and hence, they have limitations with their usage.

Two Propeller Drone

As the name suggests these drones have two propellers. These can counteract the rotation of the drone unlike in the case of a single propeller drone. However, flying these drones at high speeds and taking sharp turns is a difficult task. These drones often face difficulties in stability but with new algorithms and designs, it can hopefully be achieved in the future.

Three Propeller Drone

These drones are very rarely used. The drawback of these drones is the turning effect produced by an extra propeller. But these drones have better stability than the aforementioned types, the rotation of the body is still a big hindrance in real-life uses.

Four Propeller Drone

These types of drones are also called quadcopters. They usually have an X or H shape design. These are one of the most popular drones. They are stable and are easy to manoeuvre. The only downside to these types of drones is that running four propellers at once drains its battery very easily.

Flying Drones

Working Mechanism of a Drone

Four propeller drones are the best type of drones. The most commonly used four propeller drones have an intriguing mechanism on how they work. To make sure the drone hovers, it is necessary that the weight of the drone and the thrust provided by the propellers is the same. In order to go forward, the speed of the front propellers is slowed whereas the speed of the rear propellers is increased. 

To go back, the opposite of this is required. As a result of this, the drone slightly bends towards the direction of the motion. For horizontal motion towards the right, the right pair of propellers slow and the opposite pair accelerates. For motion towards the left, the opposite is required. 

Uses Of Drones

Drones are widely and diversely used in today’s times. Some of its uses include:

  • Recording events from an aerial position. Drones are fitted with a camera and sent above to record marriages, concerts and vlogs.
  • Drones are often used to deliver items to people at their doorstep. During the pandemic when social distancing was required, this feature of drones came in handy.
  • Drones are often sent to places that are difficult to reach such as forests and mountains. This helps with research purposes without putting human life in danger.
  • Governments use these to carry out sensitive security projects too.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the cost of a drone?

Drones can range from anywhere between a thousand rupees to lakhs in India. But to get a fairly good product with proper functionality you can expect the price to be around Rs.10,000 for an entry-level product.

2. Are drones reliable?

Drones are sophisticated devices. One of the biggest problems buyers face is the service support for the drone. There are very few offline service centers available and it can take weeks or months to get a drone repaired in case of any damage. 

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