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Does Online Education Add Value To Your Career?

Does Online Education Add Value To Your Career?

Mehek is a 21-year-old just finishing her graduation. She has always believed in augmenting her education with practical exposure; thus, while taking her classes, going to her father’s workshop and helping him balance his account-books has been a rigor she gladly enjoys. However, as soon as she graduates, she applies for a job and realizes that though she did help her father for almost ten years, her experience does not qualify her for a job. Well, this is because the experience cannot be supported with a certificate. Had she been smart enough to get formal training in accounting while pursuing her math degree, she could have easily achieved her dream job by showcasing the skills with the certificate course. Some courses would have even offered her internship or placement assistance as well. So, the flexibility of online learning while managing her college would have been highly beneficial to her professional path.

The journey of every professional has transformed over time. Earlier individuals would complete their degrees to implement their skills for a job. Then with the emergence of professional courses, things gradually changed. These programs were highly costly, but they guaranteed a top-notch career with a lucrative income. And today, even these courses are undergoing a dramatic change. Technology has revolutionized the education sector enormously. Online learning, sometimes known as E-learning, is a new phrase gaining popularity.

Today, there are countless online learning platforms, such as Coursera, Udemy, Skillshare, upGrad, Lynda, etc. The growing need for online professional courses signals the rising demand for upskilling and reskilling among employees. According to a survey conducted by Great Learning, the desire to upskill in 2022 hits an all-time peak, estimating 79% of professionals aiming to upskill.

Choosing online education is a win-all strategy for pushing your career..

If your busy work schedule prevents you from attending traditional learning, then online education comes to your rescue. The following are five great benefits of online learning:

  • Easy accessibility allows you to learn from any location at any time.
  • Course modules are self-paced, enabling you to learn at your convenience.
  • Online courses are far more cost-effective than traditional ones.
  • A diverse selection of learning alternatives and course styles, each with specialized concepts addressing a specific need, helps students choose what they want to learn.
  • Easy enrolment options, flexible curriculum, and no traveling save you a lot of time!

6 amazing benefits of an online course that transform your career journey!

  • Teach you modern expertise; hence, an excellent online course can help you build both soft and technical talents.
  • Enhance your resume with reputable certifications and in-demand skills.
  • Highlights your self-motivation; a desire to learn is demonstrated here.
  • Online courses from top recognised universities will add significant value.
  • Networking is a crucial strategy to grow in your career. Online courses provide you networking opportunities in real-time basis with industry leaders.
  • Upskilling and reskilling play a major role in promotion as well as career switching plans.

Do employers recognise online courses?

Yes, today’s employers acknowledge the importance of online learning and the effort that goes into it. Employees with online certification are recognised and taken into consideration. As per a poll conducted by FutureLearn, 44 % of hiring managers believe online education to be incredibly valuable for the interview session.

Hiring managers quickly observed a potential to perform independently and confidently among online learners. One of the most critical attributes a professional may possess these days is enthusiasm, which online learners excel at demonstrating. In fact, 53% of employees claimed that upskilling has helped in salary hikes in a survey conducted by TeamLease Edtech.

Many businesses have begun enrolling their staff in various online training courses to keep them updated on current industry trends. According to McKinsey, reskilling of workers will be required to combat the covid-19 crisis in dealing with skill gaps. As a result, employers are prioritising online learning.

5 tips for your successful online learning!

It’s no doubt that an abrupt move to virtual learning can make many students feel anxious about their academic performance. If you’re not prepared, online learning might bring unique problems. Yes, online courses sometimes become a bit tough to crack efficiently, but you can cope with the challenges with diligence and determination. However, if you cultivate strong online learning skills, you’ll realize that the courses can be a great substitute for traditional classroom teaching. To ensure you get the best out of your next lesson, here are some online learning success tips:

Choose your course carefully

Do proper research before selecting a course, go through the curriculum, and make sure your area of interest and need is covered in the course. Compare the fees and check the reviews before enrolling in a course.

Time management

No matter how good the course is, it’s of no use if you fail to devote proper time and consideration. So, practice time management, fix deadlines to complete chapters, and keep practicing what you have learned.

Don’t forget networking

Online courses require you to be active in interacting with related people digitally. Connect with the faculty, tutor, other students in the discussion. Join various groups and forums, as this will give you more idea of the domain.


If your course provides you with projects and internships, it will be helpful. But if it doesn’t, hunt for opportunities outside. Use social media and various portals for internships opportunities, as it will give you practical exposure.

Use multiple online resources.

Internet is vast, so leverage the infinity. You can utilise online platforms with multiple resources, don’t just stick to one course. Explore more, and learn more.

Online education is here to stay; it is the future of education. Since it has cultivated innovation and is a more comprehensive approach, digital learning will be a prevalent choice among young folks. It satisfies their needs and provides them with more versatility, making it a more appealing option. E-learning can assist you in appearing bright, engaged, and stimulated at your job and offer you the expertise and understanding you need to identify and address professional challenges. Digital learning allows you to grow and progress in your professional journey. As a result, online education adds a lot of value to your profession!

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