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Find Out About the Best Loan for Students & Upskillers in India

Eduvanz education loan

“Education is the key to success.”

Most of us from middle-class families are familiar with this truth bomb. It’s an adage that we almost grow up hearing every living moment from our parents, uncles, aunties, and even grandparents. Thus, we are inclined to pursue higher education in the hope of keeping our relatives happy and, eventually, our family-after all, they are the ones funding our education. So, what about your passion, likes and skills you want to pursue and make a career in? If the fear of funding stops you from pursuing your dreams, it’s time to take a rain check.

The Indian market is today flooded with banks and financial institutions offering loans to students to pursue a career of their choice. Both banks and non-banking financial companies provide loan schemes to students wherein they do not have to repay it until the completion of the course. However, a student needs to prudently review loan options from all the banks and financial institutions before making a final decision. Loans offered by banks have a high-interest rate, require a credit score, proper documentation, and collateral and are time-consuming. However, loans provided by NBFCs like Eduvanz are incredibly convenient, easy and student-friendly in their process. Let us look at the best features of the Eduvanz education loan for upskilling. 

Best Features of the Eduvanz Education Loan

1. Low-interest rate

Eduvanz offers a low-interest rate compared to other financial institutions and NBFCs. The low-interest rate is a boon as it does not mount a high debt on the students at the end of the course completion. 

2. Affordable EMIs

Eduvanz provides accessible and affordable EMI options. The EMI for the loans offered by Eduvanz are calculated through the employability rate, and the salary prospects post the course completion. This safeguards the students from falling into a debt trap.  

3. Flexible Tenures

Eduvanz offers flexible, long-term tenures to students to repay their loans. In addition, there are no hidden costs or charges, making the loan extremely student-friendly. 

4. Instant Approval

Students enjoy instant approval and complete support from the Eduvanz loan advisors 24X7. In addition, the loan disbursal process from Eduvanz is quick and eliminates unnecessary documentation and credit score formalities. 

5. 100% Online Process

Save your time and energy by opting to apply for an upskilling loan via your mobile phone app or website. The process is fast and highly convenient. 

Are you planning to upskill? Don’t rely on your parents for funding. Instead, find your way to become financially independent by applying for an upskilling loan at Eduvanz.  

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