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Learn what no one is telling you about blockchain gaming

How to play blockchain games & earn money? | Best NFT games to play

The rise of blockchain gaming has revolutionised the gaming industry in more ways than one. It has shifted financial decision-making from the developers to the players, creating more opportunities to monetise gaming. Typically, these games will have marketplaces to trade weapons, avatars and loot boxes, and their potential extends beyond virtual economies. Read this blog further for a few commonly asked questions on play-to-earn crypto games and get you acquainted with the world of blockchain gaming.

What are blockchain games?

Blockchain gaming, also known as crypto gaming or NFT gaming, is a video game that includes elements of cryptography. It allows players to buy, sell, or trade with other players, with the game publisher taking a fee from each transaction as a form of monetization. It utilises 100% ownership of game avatars, props or collectibles and gives an opportunity for the players to earn cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum.

How to play-to-earn crypto games in 2022? | Best blockchain games list

What are some of the best blockchain games to play & earn crypto?

For a fair experience and a chance to unleash your creativity, here are the top 5 play-to-earn crypto games that you can explore:

S No. Games  Description
1 CryptoKitties Centred around breedable, collectable cartoon-like cats, the game is simple but addictive. The user is permitted to buy, breed and sell their cryptokitties. 100% owned by the user and cannot be replicated or deleted.
2 Gods Unchained In Gods Unchained, the player can build decks and play cards to fight and defeat opponents in a card fight-based game. Players can own the cards they win and sell or trade them whenever they wish. The cards are ranked based on their rarity, and their trading value involves a lot of money.
3 Axie Infinity In Axie Infinity, Axie is an NFT that players can buy, exchange, breed, and use to battle other players or participate in seasonal tournaments.
4 Sandbox Players on Sandbox buy virtual land, buy and sell NFTs to customise their game avatars. The game has amassed a thriving community that shares ideas and helps expand the metaverse.


How do blockchain gamers make money?

Adding gaming to the crypto world has opened up the perfect opportunity for players to immerse in a fair and creative gaming experience with many monetary incentives. Here is a brief view of how to make money through blockchain gaming:

  • Start playing
  • Enter tournaments
  • Lend & Sell NFTs
  • Develop/Borrow characters
  • Live stream your play session
  • Join gaming communities

Why is Illuvium the most anticipated blockchain game of 2022?

Why is there so much hype around the launch of Illuvium?

As one of the upcoming blockchain games, Illuvium is gathering much attention in the crypto community, as it will be the first AAA (high-budget) game on Ethereum. It is said to appeal to players who are used to high-quality commercial gaming with an open-world fantasy battle concept. Each player can capture ‘Illuvials’ and make them fights with opponents or return them in exchange for ILV tokens. In addition, the players and stakeholders will receive 100% of the in-game profits and even participate in the product decision-making via voting.

Blockchain gaming integrates cryptocurrencies for in-game payments and the use of NFTs. So, it is a great incentive to explore transparent money-making and virtual economies whether you enter the blockchain gaming world to become investors or full-time gamers.

Did our blockchain games list impress you enough to start playing? Please write to us with your answers!

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