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Digital Marketing

How Digital Marketing Courses Are Making You Job Ready! 

How Digital Marketing Courses Are Making You Job Ready! 

With the rapid increase in digital marketing, industries are hunting for efficient digital marketers. There are several courses available today, but the best digital marketing course leads you to your dream job. These courses introduce you to the fundamental concepts from the industry, dusting sufficient knowledge of the tools and tactics one must know as a digital marketer.

  • Which are the best courses for digital marketing?
  • How to choose a suitable course for digital marketing?
  • What are the fees for the digital marketing course?

If you encounter these questions, don’t worry, we will answer all your queries regarding the best courses for digital marketing, along with its fees, duration, and what else it offers to you.

What type of courses are there in Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is a vast field that encompasses a variety of features aimed at improving online marketing strategies. The courses address several domain areas, providing knowledge and requisite skills for a better and more efficient execution. There are two types of courses available:

Advanced digital marketing course

The advanced digital marketing course will cover the entire topic, including knowledge of every aspect of digital marketing. Courses may be designed for beginners or professionals, and they may incorporate every important element from each topic.

Specialized Course

In the specialized course, it is designed specifically focussing on one single topic of digital marketing. For example, SEO courses, web designing courses, etc. are some courses that aim to augment those targeted skills. As a result, rather than going through the entire broad subject, students can choose according to their interests and specialize their expertise on a specific topic.

How to choose the best Digital Marketing Course?

Before diving into the best digital marketing courses, you need to understand how to choose the digital marketing course suitable for you. Consider these key points before selecting the course:

Course Duration

These courses vary in duration from hours to months or some even years. So, choose the course as per your urgency and the timings suitable for you.


It is the most crucial factor to be considered. Make sure it covers all the relevant digital marketing concepts like SEO, PPC, Analytics, Keyword Research, Website planning, etc.


The cost of digital marketing falls in a wide margin. It may cost from a few hundred to lakhs depending upon the type of course. So, choose the course that is best in your affordable range.


Some courses give you projects and assignments to better understand the topic. If you need projects and assignments, then look for specific courses providing the same.

Internship /Placement opportunities

Similarly, some courses do assist in internships for industrial exposure. So, if you want an internship, target courses with internship or placement opportunities.

Depth of knowledge

Thoroughly go through the curriculum, and look for courses that are serving in depth knowledge of your interests. While looking for internship, assignments or even the topics covered, the course content should focus on your need.

Sources of digital marketing course:

There are numerous digital marketing courses available across multiple platforms. Some are online, while some are offline. Here is a list of some of the most reputable platforms offering extensive courses.

Global Online Platforms

1. Coursera

Coursera provides a wide range of courses, comprising of certification courses, MBA courses, specialized courses, etc. Currently, they are the leading portal of online courses for both students and professionals.

Fees: Courses range from free courses to Rs. 5,000 and above. (They also have financial aid available)

2. Udemy

It has a comprehensive set of courses focussing on digital marketing, SEO, website building, automation tools, etc. In addition, Udemy is known for its offers and miniature courses for specific specialization.

Fees: The cost ranges from as low as Rs. 500 to Rs. 10,000 and above.

3. Google

Google is the beginner’s guide in many digital marketing concepts. Its Google Analytics course, Google Ads Search, Google Digital marketing certification, Google Ads Display certification, Google Data Analytics, etc., are some of the top courses.

Fees: Some are free, while some may cost beyond lakhs.

Indian Course Providers- EdTech

There are many EdTech companies providing online courses for digital marketing. The courses vary in range from its fees to duration and curriculum, so you can choose as per your requirements.  The EdTech companies not only provide courses, but also have mentors and doubt solving sections. Some even provide internships and placement assistance for hands-on experience of the acquired theoretical knowledge.

Institutes Providing Digital Marketing Courses

Many colleges and reputed universities have cognized the significance of digital marketing. Hence, they have started providing courses specialized in digital marketing. Some institutes provide undergraduate courses while some provide post graduate courses. The courses hold the well-recognized value, which opens doors to abundant job opportunities.

#Tip: Always go through the comments and reviews of the courses by the students. It will help you analyse what and how the course is. 

How to get started with digital marketing?

Although the courses will provide you with a thorough understanding of the subject, you will need to gain practical experience in order to develop your digital marketing skills. Follow these steps to begin your digital marketing journey:

  • Start looking for internships on various portals like Internshala, LetsIntern, etc.
  • The best way to build your portfolio is by start freelancing. It will give you a good exposure to what the work is like and also build the work sample collection of yours.
  • Practice using free tools. There are numerous tools to start with digital marketing; for example, Canva, Google Analytics, etc. Working on this will help you understand how to approach these tools during execution of digital marketing.
  • Networking is essential for landing better opportunities. Stay connected with the industry leaders and be updated with the latest trends in the market. Use LinkedIn for reaching out to experts and to stay updated.

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