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How To Get 100,000 Views on Reels In 24 Hours?

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Memories on Facebook, Instagram reels, or a connection request from an old classmate on LinkedIn- everything brings us a smile. Social media has become a part of our life now. Today, brands also invest heavily in social media marketing to grow their businesses. Instagram introduced reels in 2020 when TikTok got banned. Since then, Instagram reels have become a craze among people. Leveraging this, a solid social media strategy can help you gain more views on your Instagram reels. Plus, comprehensive social media management can churn out more engagement, driving more likes and comments. But if you have questions like –

Why am I not getting views on my Instagram reels?

How do you get more views on Instagram reels?

How to go viral on Instagram?

These questions are obvious if you love creating reels but don’t get enough views. But don’t worry! If you want to ace your social media game, read this blog and discover tips and tricks to reach your 100k views on Insta reels.

5 Tips to Get More Views on Your Instagram Reels!

1. Create Valuable Content from Trending Social Media Topics

Don’t just make random reels with no meaning or purpose. Instead, invest your time and effort in creating something beneficial for your audience from something already trending. Trending topics garner attention, and valuable content retains the attention. For even better reach, you can use trending songs in your reels to help you reach out to a wider audience. 

2. Use Relevant Hashtags 

Hashtags play a dynamic role in generating organic traffic. So, use relevant hashtags on your social media posts, as these hashtags tell Instagram what your post is all about. But how many hashtags should you use? You can use up to 20 hashtags for a normal post and 7-10 hashtags for a story. Avoid using too many words together, and most importantly- use relevant words to describe your post.

3. Timing Matters – Post Your Reels at the Right Time!

If you think you can post reels any time, think again. You can post reels anytime, but views aren’t guaranteed all the time. There are specific times when your audience is active, and that is the best time to post. If you switch your Insta account to a professional account, you get useful insights about your audience to gauge more traffic. These insights and Insta trends are useful to get more views.

4. Write Engaging CTA in Your Captions

Social media relies on engagement. Therefore, Instagram will promote your reel if the captions of your reels contain CTAs like “Tag your friends,” “Comment what you think,” etc. This will increase the reach of your reels. So, always make sure you’re including a compelling CTA that brings you more engagement.

5. Consistency is the Key— Keep Posting Regularly!

It is natural to feel demotivated if you don’t receive enough views in the beginning. But don’t give up. Consistently posting reels improve your Instagram ranking. You’ll gain good exposure, and gradually your visibility improves. As previously stated, check insights and post your reels regularly at the appropriate time to suit your target audience.

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How to go Viral on Instagram? 5 simple tricks—

  • Use catchy captions and thumbnails.
  • Create Suspense in your video. Give some compelling disclaimer to your viewers like – wait till the end, don’t watch it if, etc.
  • Add a twist to the trend and make your reel stand out from the crowd. For this, you can also try out the Remix Feature.
  • Use rich audio like trending songs, music that expresses emotions, trending Background music or originals.
  • Increase your watch time. A reel can be 90 seconds long, so to capture your audience’s attention, make your videos at least longer than 15 seconds. 

Reels are entertaining and frequently give viewers instant access to excellent information. In addition, given the decrease in the human attention span, reels are a terrific way to draw attention to your content. So, with a solid social media strategy and extensive viral marketing plan, your reels will hit the 100k viewership soon!

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. What is the best way to hashtag on Instagram?

Use relevant hashtags that describe your post. Incorporate keywords. Add some popular hashtags. Don’t make it cluttered with a bunch of random words. Follow influencers and use hashtags that give results. You can even use hashtag generator tools online.

2. How many reels should I post?

Posting consistently will help you a lot during your initial days. You can post up to five or seven reels a week. However, always remember to post something worthy for your viewers. Instead of concentrating on how many reels per week, focus on the right time and valuable content to post. Check Insights to learn the activity of your audience.

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