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India is on a Firing Spree not Hiring!

India is on a Firing Spree not Hiring!

The job crisis in India has been festering for a long time. According to the recent reports from Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy (CMIE), the country currently suffers 7.2% unemployment rate. This implies that about 53 million Indian citizens are unemployed. Contrary to the above, ‘The Great Resignation’ has emerged, with many professionals quitting their employment, causing significant economic disruption.

Job crisis in India isn’t a new problem. But, the advancements in the issue are critical. In simple terms, a graduate or a post-graduate would find a job earlier on the basis of their degree. However, that isn’t the case today.

Along with the on-the-job knowledge, companies today require candidates to have soft-skills, be technologically sound and upskill time-to-time, updating themselves with the industry.

Job Crisis for Freshers and Current Working Class

As pandemic took over the companies to reduce workforce, more and more employed and fresher population suffered. A number of reports show that, freshers were highly impacted as companies refused to hire graduates lacking the on-the-job knowledge as online training was challenging.

Furthermore, secure job holders too fell in the trap of insecurity with their jobs as they had to rediscover working online. Whereas, offline jobs were lost overnight. This job crisis threw light on several important questions like –

What makes you lose your job?
Is your job security based on your performance?
How can you secure your job in the near future?

These questions hold good for all – Freshers as well as the skilled working class.

Future Jobs and Current Education

If you are thinking about the current job chaos too, you should look at what future jobs look like. The best solution to the job crisis situation is to adapt to the old-school rule of demand vs supply. This means, look for skills and courses that the industry is in desperate need of and work towards developing those skills.

5 ways to make your job recession-proof

To secure jobs in the near future some of the important things we must do are:

  • Bridge the gap between the text book knowledge and the practical knowledge required for the role.
  •  Upskill – Take up specialization courses required to develop in your current role. You can also take up courses to just enhance the knowledge of a subject you enjoy.
  • Stay updated with the field. Keep a look out on what’s new in your field and use them in your current job.
  • Learn about what the future beholds and make sure you are learning and innovating to match the needs of the future.
  • Learn the art of working in teams and solo.

While these are some of the important factors to abide by. Some of the best things to do to secure jobs in the recent future are discussed below.

7 Things You Need to Do to Secure a Job in the Future ASAP

Listed below are 10 interesting soft skills and qualities that you need to find a job in the near future. Update yourself with these qualities and have offers showering your way.

Be pro-active

With the online world’s intervention in our offline world, there has been a shift from offline to online. This makes it vital for each of us to become professionally pro-active. Adapting to new softwares, come up with smart solutions to problems, build auto-pilot learning systems etc. Basically, participate in the new industrial age by contributing to its development.

Learn to be digitally sound

Remote working is the new normal. Thus, making it to the top of the required skills list for recruiters. To secure a job asap in the new future, make sure you are learning at least the basics of online working soft wares and showcase adaptability. This assures to the recruiter that you will be able to work remotely.

Develop better communicative skills

To collaborate and work positively as a team you need good interpersonal skills. So, work on your speech, your vocabulary, the choice of words etc. Plus, it will be helpful if you learn the formal and the semi-formal way of writing emails.

Be a team player

Be open to take up new work and collaborate with people. New learnings, projects and discoveries at work add to your profile. To achieve this, you will have to be approachable and empathetic. When you display the attitude of growing together as a team, the recruiter understand that you are team player.

Develop an entrepreneurial mindset

To work as a team player is a good skill to have. However, this shouldn’t stop you from being on your toes. Think like an entrepreneur even as an employee to make quick and impactful decisions. Taking charge of your actions will showcase your leader qualities.

Upskill and reskill

To secure a good job, you need to equip yourself with the necessary skills. So, pro-actively take up new courses to increase your knowledge in a particular field. You can also enhance your current skills by taking an advance course on a particular subject.

Be creative

Future jobs aren’t limited to a text book skills or knowledge. Jobs now require people to be involved, thoughtfully and creatively. So, if you are amidst a job interview, feel free to throw in a few questions to clearly understand your job role to come up with creative processes in the future.

The list above provides you solutions to be job-ready. However, this is one horrific problem that the world is going to witness even in the future if the robots take over manual work. This is why experts suggest students must equip themselves with qualities that a robot would hardly be capable of.

Job roles that require creative outlook, empathy and human understanding will always stay in demand. So, if you are on a look out, apply for jobs in these sectors.

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