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What are the low cost financing options for professional courses?

How to select a loan for upskilling?

Learning today is on the go. The young generation is hungry to learn but at their ease and convenience. Therefore, online courses have sprouted and given learning a new lease of life and opportunities galore for everyone to upskill. In addition, young people today are looking to fund their education and want the best deal from school loan providers. A student who wants to pursue an academic course requires financial aid from his family, friends, or a bank or NBFC to fund his studies. Eduvanz low-interest loan rates are available; if you want to finance your learning, click here.

Education Loans: Find The Right One For You

Banks and Non-Banking Financial Companies (NBFCs) offer one-year and five-year professional course loans. These loans can be repaid monthly or in annual increments over time. The main advantage of such loans is that they don’t have a moratorium period, i.e., a period when no EMI is charged. However, banks/NBFCs may limit interest rates depending on the course pursued by students/applicants.

Choose the Best NBFC Student Loans for Your Online Education!

Students opt for online courses that offer a comprehensive overview and help them develop skills that prepare them for the job market. Therefore, while looking for funding options, they search for convenience, low-interest rates, long tenure and flexibility in repayment. Students or professionals opting for upskilling courses often ensure that the EMIs are payable and do not raise debt.

NBFC student loans have made online certificate courses more affordable and desirable for working professionals looking to enhance their education, develop new skills and upgrade their qualifications to get the much-needed promotion.

Times Pro, eDrishyaa, Great Learning, and Imarticus Learning offer a wide choice of courses in IT, engineering, management, etc., at competitive pricing without hidden fees.

Student Loans For Professional Courses from Banks

Banks and financing companies offer student loans for course fees, helping them meet their educational needs. Depending on your qualifications and financial position, a bank may lend you up to Rs 2 lakh. Due to rules or policies, interest-free education loans are unavailable for all students.


Loans are excellent options for young professionals and students who want to develop key skills to reach their career goals. If you’re looking for a low-interest rate education loan, click here for help.

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