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Only a handful people choose to follow their heart in the tug of war between following one's passion or a high-paying career. However, this has now changed. You can now work in your desired field and still make more money.

Here are 3 e-books with a plethora of career options to make more money.

Tech Genuis Turned Techpreneur

Coders, Data Scientists, Virtual Reality enthusiasts or Artificial Intelligence experts, each of these professionals are highly in demand in the market today. If you are starting out your career or are looking to upskill as a Techie, this e-book will help you map your interests & gain salary insights to make a sound decision.

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How To Be an Awesome Marketer?

This Marketing e-book introduces you to a variety of in-demand creative, fun, yet rewarding marketing jobs that will help you make money and grow professionally. Learn to monetize your organizing, presenting and creative thinking.

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Building Your Health and Wealth

Health and Wealth are two important components of life. If good health is a blessing, then wealth is an ingredient that keeps the stress away. Maintaining both of them well can lead to a peaceful, filling and rewarding life. But, as one develops these skill sets or fiscal knowledge, it will help you grow money and maintain your mental wellness.

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