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Most Common Career Mistakes Made in the 20s vs 30s

Career Mistakes

Before we begin, ask yourself the following questions: 

Do you wish to switch jobs but are afraid to make the wrong career choice? 

Are you on the verge of burnout? 

Have you checked LinkedIn for mistakes to avoid in your career online? 

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you are repenting career choices, and you don’t even know! Read this blog to understand the career mistakes you can avoid in your 20s vs your 30s. 

Career Mistakes That Can Be Easily Avoidable in Your 20s

Not speaking up

Being one of the youngest in a professional setting has its pros and cons. While you learn a lot, chances are that you are often afraid to voice your opinion. It is because you usually underestimate your abilities when thrown into a mix of other highly experienced professionals. Therefore, when sitting in a meeting with your seniors, take notes and listen to the discussion before speaking up. This will help you gain confidence and share your ideas from your unique perspective. 

Succumbing to peer pressure

As a newbie to adult life, it is easy to get influenced by the career choices of your peers. You must understand that the definition of a successful career is different for everyone. Do not compensate for your lack of aspiration by following everyone around you. Find your calling, as unconventional as it may be and chase it with grit and determination. Hold your ground against societal norms, do what you are good at and get a stable income for yourself.  

Being a know-it-all

Understanding the difference between blatantly stating your opinion and respecting others’ views is essential. In addition, the seniors in your company have subject matter expertise and experience that can be valuable to your young professional career. Ask them questions, and study their approach to solving problem statements to show that you care equally about the business and your personal growth. 

Career Mistakes That Nobody Above the Age Of 30 Should Make

Not making financial and career goals 

Often people overlook the importance of having a career plan and financial goals that align with it. First, fix short-term and long-term targets to achieve financial freedom while ensuring that you save and invest for the future. However, this will be possible only if your career choices can fulfil your financial needs. Next, understand the changes you can incorporate into your career path, like asking for a raise, switching jobs or even starting something independently. Finally, envision your goals before successfully achieving them. 

Sticking with a job you hate

While the 20s are a time for you to explore all your interests and career choices, in your 30s, it is time to figure out what you want for sure and work toward it. One of the biggest career mistakes to avoid is being stuck at a job that you don’t like. If you don’t enjoy your work and are unhappy, it will lead to stress and affect your productivity. So instead, switch to jobs that align with your career goals and work toward achieving success. 

Having no work-life balance

It is good that you love your work. However, just being a workaholic and concentrating on your proper professional growth will do you more harm than good. It is easy to forget that a world outside of work exists and that it needs your attention too. However, it is essential to learn to say no when necessary and detach yourself from work when spending time with family and friends.  

Which of these career mistakes did you wish you had avoided? Do write to us with your thoughts on Exalt.Club! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1) What are the most significant career mistakes to avoid?

Ans) Here are some of the biggest career mistakes to learn from: 

  • Not setting career goals 
  • Abandoning your professional network  
  • Forgetting to negotiate your salary 
  • Not investing in skill development 
  • Prioritizing money 
  • Switching jobs without following protocol 

Q2) What to do in your 20s to be successful?

Ans) Here are some habits to stick by in your 20s for lifelong career success: 

  • Write down your goals. 
  • Make reading a daily affair 
  • Stop trying to live someone else’s life 
  • Do not dwell on your past mistakes 
  • Start showing loved ones you care 
  • Take care of your physical and mental health

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