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Should you consider upskilling for a salary hike?

Should you consider upskilling for a salary hike?

Are you wondering what the salary increase will be after an upskilling course? Unfortunately, the answer is not so simple. Upskilling involves a lot of preparation and effort. It’s an investment in yourself, and the best way to do it is by finding a course that caters to your skill set, interest and the next move in your career.  

A workforce that will make or break your business is at the heart of every industry. For example, in the financial sector, if you want to offer your clients high-quality advice and products but find it challenging to recruit and retain staff with the right set of skills, then you need to upskill your existing employees. Employees in India are hardworking, and for an increase in salary, they would be more than bridge the skill gap by upskilling themselves. 

Upskilling courses

Learning a new skill is now even more crucial than before. The technological revolution at work has made it necessary for every employee to upskill and improve their productivity. Also, most individuals now work from home. In such a circumstance, staying current with technical breakthroughs becomes essential. 

The benefits of upskilling courses:

  1. Explore creative hobbies 

You could become bored with the duties that come with your job title after several years of doing the same thing. However, through developing new skills, you’ll be able to connect with new topics and areas of interest.  

  1. Sustain your career 

By expanding your expertise and knowledge on the topics and tools related to your professional position, learning new skills can help you be more effective and proficient at carrying out your duties. 

  1. Make future plans 

The rapid growth of modern technologies has led to ongoing changes in the requirements of many businesses, which has led to the creation of new and developing employment roles that call for you to stay current with the knowledge base you demand.  

  1. Increase in income

Upskilling your skills after you graduate is a crucial part of the job search process. A survey of recent college grads revealed that more than 93 per cent of students who have recently graduated and have upgraded their skills have received an increase in pay of more than 100 per cent. The mean income is 21.6 LPA, and the median compensation is 17.5 LPA. 

So, what are you waiting for? Start upskilling with the right course today. For information on loans for upskilling, click here. 


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