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5 Awesome AR Apps We Are in Love With!

Augmented Reality Apps

Owing to the rising popularity of Augmented Reality, a time when virtual reality and the real world could interact is not merely a piece of imagination. You already see augmented reality games everywhere, but it’s also making strides in the healthcare, retail, education, business, and governmental sectors. So yes, augmented reality applications are found across diverse domains. AR apps can lead the tech industry due to cutting-edge graphics and lifelike experiences. According to Statista, there will likely be 1.7 billion mobile augmented reality user devices globally by 2024. So, by then, everything will be immersive!

If you are new to AR technology, here we bring you the best AR applications for an unforgettable immersive experience. So, continue reading and keep exploring.

Top 5 AR apps you must definitely know!

IKEA Place

This Swedish business, well-known for its incredible selection of home décor bags the first position among the list of best Augmented reality apps. Both Android and iOS users can get this augmented reality app for interior design. You can test out several virtual versions of home décor items on your house’s walls, flooring, and other features to discover which ones match best. Additionally, it aids in your understanding of the furniture’s dimensions, form, and style prior to making a purchase or placing an order at an IKEA shop.

Google Lens

Google Lens is solving numerous problems of its users with Augmented Reality. It effectively combines two cutting-edge technologies- artificial intelligence and augmented reality. Google Lens improves the search experience of its users. Rather than typing out a question, you can shoot it at the subject you desire to learn about. Google Lens can recognise the object and give you the detailed information.


With the help of the GIPHY app, you can use the camera on your device to capture pictures and videos of the real world and then edit them by adding GIFs and stickers. So how is it helpful? If you want to spice up your social media content, the GIPHY app is the best choice. This invention can easily give your social media posts more personality. In addition, businesses can use it to make their product more appealing with the help of engaging GIFs.

YouCam Makeup

Well, augmented reality has conquered the beauty and cosmetics industry too. YouCam Makeup is one of the best makeup selfie editing apps to enhance your photos for social media by bringing in a fantastic selfie experience. In addition, YouCam Makeup helps you try trendy makeup looks and other beauty features such as natural face reshaping, hair colours, teeth whitening, and much more.


Using ROAR augmented reality, small and large businesses may quickly build, publish, and execute augmented reality. Furthermore, one can post them on various platforms as a retailer or e-commerce professional to take advantage of engagement monitoring and metrics. By giving users deeper, more exciting content and details about the products they’re interested in, the app improves both in-store and at-home brand experiences.

Many more AR apps are ruling the world currently. Some other popular AR apps include Quiver, Magicplan, World Brush, and Wanna Kicks. In fact, to your surprise, Instagram and Snapchat also use AR technology. So don’t think it will take much longer for this innovation to become a part of our daily life; it has already happened!

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