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Top 5 Data Analytics Courses in 2022

Data Science Course

The rapid explosion of Data Science has created enormous demand for the field. Both students and professionals are interested in learning data analytics to land the sexiest job of the decade. In fact, as per the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Data Science is listed as one of the top 20 fastest-growing occupations. Anyone from any domain can work in this sector if they have the relevant skills. So, are you one of them planning a career in Data Science? Then look no further, as we have listed the top 5 data analytics courses for a lucrative career in Data Science!

5 Courses that Land You a Data Analytics Job! 

Caltech CTME Data Analytics Certificate Program by Upgrad

This course by Upgrad is ideal for aspiring Data Analysts where one can learn data concepts like SQL, data visualisation, Python, Tableau, etc. In addition, you get a thorough understanding of machine learning, artificial intelligence and NLP. The best part is this course doesn’t mandate programming skills. It is a 9 months course that offers you projects and internship opportunities along with career mentorship sessions. So, opt for Caltech CTME Data Analytics Certificate Program and learn data analytics for a bright career in Data Science. 

Advanced Certification in Data Science and AI by Intellipaat

Intellipaat brings you this Advanced Certification in Data Science and AI, where you can learn the basics and advanced Data Science concepts. This online Data Science course offers an IIT Madras certification. You can explore technology domains like artificial intelligence, machine learning, and deep learning. It is a 7 months program that guarantees at least three interviews. With soft skill training and robust mentorship plans, this is a fantastic Data Science course to get started with.

IIM Kozhikode Advanced Data Analytics for Managers by Emeritus

If you are looking to upskill yourself to land a senior role in data analytics, then this IIM Kozhikode Advanced Data Analytics for Managers by Emeritus is an excellent option. It is a 10 months course with live sessions every Sunday for 3 hours. In addition, you get a chance to work on a capstone project to enhance your practical knowledge. So if you want to work on your data-driven decision-making skills, this course is meant for you.

Google Data Analytics Professional Certificate by Coursera

Designed by Google, this course will give you a thorough understanding of Data Analytics. The module is divided into eight courses that cover a wide range of topics like R programming, data visualisation, data analysis, data exploration, etc. You will also master tools like SQL, Tableau, Spreadsheets, etc. It is a professional certification program to help you land a top data analytics job. Check out Google Data Analytics Professional Certificate on Coursera to learn more about the course.  

Post Graduate Program in Data Analytics & Machine Learning by Imarticus

For professionals with technical backgrounds, Data Analytics Course by Imarticus is the best pick. You will learn the domain fundamentals and get practical exposure in the form of projects and assignments. Its well-designed curriculum covers various aspects of Data Science, such as data analytics, machine learning, SQL, Python, and data visualisation. This course guarantees you a job with a strong placement assistance team.

The right course will train you with excellent skills and deep domain knowledge. The best part of Data Science is that it is not restricted to any specific domain. Be an engineer or a marketer; anyone can pursue Data Science. So, pick up the right course as per your needs and just get started with Data Science. Want some more motivation? Well, as per reports, on average, the average range of Data Science salary is estimated to be ₹ 4.5 Lakhs to ₹ 25.0 Lakhs. Just hone your skills with the best data analytics course, and dive into the data industry!

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