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Cyber Security

Top 5 Sectors Hiring Cyber Security Professionals!

Top 5 Sectors Hiring Cyber Security Professionals!

When you read the current media headlines, you will certainly come across a report concerning another business suffering from a crucial data breach. It’s really no surprise that the need for cybersecurity professionals is at a peak today, given the rise in data breaches annually. Although there is a significant demand for cybersecurity expertise, there is a startling lack of professionals in the domain. If you’re seeking a career in cybersecurity, you should have no trouble landing a job due to lack of competition!

What are the job opportunities in cyber security?

Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) Cybersecurity Architect
Cybersecurity Project Manager Information Security Analyst
Penetration Tester Ethical Hacker
Forensics Expert Network Security Architect
Cybersecurity Sales Engineer Lead Software Security Engineer 

Source: Analytics Insight

Top 5 sectors hiring cyber security professionals

Various businesses are susceptible to cyber-attack, pressing demand for skilled and qualified cybersecurity specialists. If you’re planning a career in cybersecurity, incomes are skyrocketing, and the need for cyber security experts is overflowing. As per Monster– a renowned recruitment platform, here are the top 5 sectors for cyber security professionals:

Tech Companies

Because technology is constantly evolving, potential ways for security breaches are opening up, and hackers are continuously discovering how to evade barriers. Cybersecurity for technology cannot go out of trend or demand; since technology advances, so will security risks.


The government holds numerous confidential data that is vulnerable to cyber attackers. Many of such cyberattacks are basic, like phishing emails intended on fooling an unsuspecting government worker, while others are highly complicated, such as breaches on the country’s leading valuable data resources. Defending government organizations from cyberattacks is a difficult task but becoming increasingly necessary as much data becomes digital.

Banking and Finance

Banks and financial institutions invest heavily in preventing cyber-attacks, owing to the considerable possibility for damages annually. However, regardless of the efforts taken, data loss can cause a business to have many restless nights. As a result, banking must prioritize cybersecurity to avoid cyber threats that put its clients at risk.


When it comes to processing, storing, and protecting the customers’ personal details, retailers encounter a significant issue. Customers’ banking information, usernames, and passwords are exposed to cyberattacks whether they shop offline or online. Retail cyber security is a rapidly expanding sector of the IT business, and tech workers with experience in the field are in high demand. Over the past few years, shopping has altered tremendously. Online shopping is indeed a comparatively recent phenomenon, and the proportion of buyers who make online transactions rather than in stores is growing annually. Furthermore, customers’ increasing choice of debit or credit cards over cash for in-store payments exposes them to security breaches. The necessity for retail cyber security has grown as a result of technological advancements in online purchasing.


A cyberattack on any media company is a genuine possibility. News organizations that cover sensitive topics, printing corporations, and entertainment firms are all at threat of being targeted by a cyber-attacking cell. As a result, cyber security professionals are required to protect the confidential data of the sector.

To have a successful career, you must concentrate on learning the necessary abilities of the domain. Improve your understanding of cyber security by reading and researching cybersecurity-related blogs and publications. Develop a network of experts as contacts currently functioning in this field, and engage in new organizations and forums. With all these measures, you will get a good insight into the cyber security domain and make your way easier to accomplish your career.

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