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5 Most Popular Speech-to-Text Software for Your Business!

5 Best Speech-to-Text Software in 2022!

Your laptop or mobile phone can now comprehend what you say and type it out for you too. Wondering How? The innovation is called speech-to-text software. It listens to your voice and translates it into written text to read and peruse later for analysing.

The first dictation software was commercially marketed in the 1990s. Unfortunately, it was clumsy, slow, and annoying for people who tried it during those days. Since then, the dictation software has evolved significantly and improved. From dictating as quickly as you like to get 90% of your speech transcribed correctly, with these intelligent software, you can pick the language of your choice to convert your words into text. Gosh, technology is truly incredible!

What is Speech-to-text software?

Speech recognition, also known as speech-to-text, is the potential of a computer system or programme to recognise and transform verbal phrases into accurate text. The dictation technology encompasses rich linguistics embedded with computer science and electronic technology, focusing mainly on text applications, making it convenient for users.

Speech-to-text software has numerous applications across diverse industries. Some common application of speech-to-text software includes:

  • Education: A person can learn a language with the assistance of voice recognition software. It helps in understanding pronunciations.
  • Medical: Doctors can record their patient documents instantaneously.
  • Courtroom: Courtroom sessions can now be documented using software, eliminating the requirement for human transcribers.
  • Support for Handicaps: Voice recognition software uses closed captions to convert spoken words into text, allowing deaf people to comprehend what someone else is saying.

5 Best Speech-to-Text software

A plethora of speech recognition softwares on the market can quickly convert your speech to text. Some can customise and reproduce the text in the language of your choice and work on the tone. Newer and more powerful dictation software covers a wide variety of vocabulary. Some are free to use, while some are paid. In addition, dictation technology is tied to specific platforms, such as Windows 10 Speech Recognition is accessible for Windows and Apple Dictation for Apple users. Thus, choosing the best speech recognition software can be difficult sometimes. As a result, we have put together a list of the top 5 speech-to-text tools that will make your life easier!

1. Otter

Otter is one of the best cloud-based speech-to-text applications designed for portable devices like laptops and smartphones. Real-time transcription on the application lets you browse, update, edit, and organise your recordings as needed. It can also do real-time data processing in conferences and interviews.

2. Briana Pro

Briana Pro is a voice recognition application that may be used for dictation and as an overall virtual assistant to support your multiple chores. It’s a personal virtual assistant driven by artificial intelligence. The software can handle nearly 100 languages, execute various technical operations, and set up reminders, pop notifications, and alarms.

3. Gboard

Gboard is one of the most popular Android keyboard applications and one of the top free text-to-speech tools. Both Android and iOS users can use Google’s excellent Gboard app, which incorporates dictation. Ranging from physical inputs like swiping, you may also use vocal instructions to trigger visuals in your text. It may also be used in conjunction with Google Translate, which claims to cover around 60 languages.

4. Speech notes

Speech notes is another dictation application that is simple to use. You don’t have to register an account; install the software and tap the microphone button, and you’re good to go. Speech notes are user-friendly, as they capitalise each sentence’s first letter, auto saves your work, and allow you to speak and type simultaneously. Once your work is done, you can organize your files in various ways.

5. Dragon Professional

Dragon Professional is the best option if you’re looking for a dictation application for your business. It has numerous features and considerable customisation opportunities. Deep learning technology allows the software to adjust to the user’s voice and ambient changes in real-time. It can develop documents with your voice and has a 99% accuracy rate. In addition, it can take dictation at a speed corresponding to 160 words per minute.

The majority of dictation software are accurate, and many of them even provide free trials. So, if you invest most of your time in writing, one of these applications will be an excellent choice. Simply look through these apps and select the ones that best fit your needs.


1. How does voice recognition work?

Speech recognition is backed by artificial intelligence, machine learning and deep learning. Artificial intelligence is employed to decipher human vernacular, technical terms, and phrases. Then, machine learning uses neural networks to put together the patterns to type the text.

2. Is speech-to-text part of NLP?

Yes, voice recognition is an integrated concept of natural language processing that creates techniques and uses technology to allow computers to recognise and translate verbal speech into text.

3. What is ASR in speech recognition?

ASR is the acronym for Automatic Speech Recognition. The innovation lets people utilise their voices to communicate with a machine in a manner that is most advanced in its forms. It simulates regular human speech. NLP is a part of advanced ASR technology.

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