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Top 5 Tech Skills for a High-Paying Career!

Top 5 Tech Skills for a High-Paying Career!

The trends in hiring are changing quickly. The work market is changing as the sector develops. Skills that were valuable at the beginning of a career have turned outdated. And this is because of the explosive growth of technology over the past ten years. Employees must upgrade their skills to be eligible for new opportunities to remain employed. Due to the increasing digitization, today’s students place a strong emphasis on choosing careers that will enable them to advance in their careers, and developing tech skills is essential to this process. Fintech, Salesforce, Data Analytics, Cloud Computing, and Artificial Intelligence are among the current top skills in demand. Read More 
Source: India Today 

Job Opening for Data Analysts in

India’s central and state governments recently made considerable efforts to digitalise all of their administrative processes. As a result, the need for data analytics in the government sector is rising. Here are a few data analyst job roles you can look for in the government agencies: 

  1. National Highways Authority of India (NHAI):

Job Role: Joint Advisor (Data Scientist) 

Location: Delhi 

  1. 2. National Institute of Urban Affairs (NIUA)

Job Role: Urban Data Analyst 

Location: New Delhi 

  1. Tamil Nadu E-Governance Agency (TNeGA)

Job Role: Data Analyst   

Location: Chennai 

Read More 

Source: Analytics India Magazine 


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