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Top 5 Tips to Get Hired at FAANG!

What is FAANG?

Do you aspire to work in any of the FAANG companies? If you’re wondering what a FAANG Company is, it’s an acronym for Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, and Google- the top five tech giants’ stocks. Jim Cramer, the host of CNBC’s Mad Money and the co-founder of The Street.com, coined the term in 2013.

Joining a FAANG company is generally on everyone’s wish list these days. So, what attracts folks to work for these FAANG companies? The answer is straightforward: These top-tier organisations entice job seekers with their global exposure, insanely high pay packages, great learning environments, flexible work schedules, and much more.

Getting into a FAANG Company is not an easy task. The cut throat competition demands you to bring beyond the best in you. Over a million resumes and applications are sent to Google each year, and roughly about 4,000-6000 applications are accepted. This reflects a less than 1% hiring rate. On the other hand, Apple has a 3% acceptance rate, whereas Netflix has a 20%. You’ll have to work harder and be smarter than the rest to make it to the FAANG. Well, breaking into a large, reputed corporation is not easy. But don’t worry; there is always a solution if you’re up for a challenge!

Google Headquarters

How do you get your break with a FAANG company?

Here are our 5 Tips to crack FAANG interviews!

How long does it take to prepare for FAANG?
How hard are FAANG interviews?
What do I need to study to get into FAANG?

When you think about working for a FAANG company, these questions inevitably arise in your mind, making you nervous. Read this article for tips and tricks to nail the FAANG interview and land your dream job.

1. Thorough research is your first step!

When you perform extensive research on a company, you wish to work for, your chances of being selected increase dramatically. Your research will help you understand how to close the gaps and what you need to work on to excel in the interview. In addition, your research will reflect your level of preparation, highlighting your confidence and enthusiasm.

When conducting thorough research, keep the following points in mind:

  • Website: It will give a complete idea about the company, their goals, mission, products, services, etc.
  • LinkedIn: It will give you corporate insights about the company, the department you are applying for, the interviewer, etc, and your colleagues and future boss. This will help you connect better with them.
  • Social media: Sites like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, may display a company’s interests that you can speak about, demonstrating how similar your interests are to the company.
  • Latest news about the company: Stay updated with everything happening in and around the company. Read all articles and news about their launch, business strategies, ideas, leaders, etc.

2. Focus on your basics- Hone your skills.

To be considered for a position at one of the FAANG companies, you must have a solid technical background. They’re tech behemoths, so they’ll undoubtedly judge your geekiness. Here’s a checklist to get you started:

  • Technical concepts like Data Science, Machine Learning, AI, Computer Networks, data mining, Neural Networks, etc., will be in demand. As a result, make sure you’re familiar with the technicalities of your domain.
  • Algorithms, coding, and programming languages are all basics that must be mastered.
  • You should never overlook the importance of excellent communication and interpersonal skills. Be articulate and a confident speaker.
  • You should have no pain in brainstorming and think out of the box. No matter where you apply, having a problem-solving approach is essential!

 How to write a good resume

3. Design your résumé to meet job requirements.

There are numerous job roles that you can apply for, but be meticulous with the application process. Don’t be a slacker who uses the same old boring résumé for every job role. Instead, tailor your résumé to jobs, answering the requirements and filling the voids they need. Follow these five simple steps to customise your résumé brilliantly:

  • Update your résumé to reflect your current employment, highlighting relevant duties and responsibilities for the position you’re looking to apply for.
  • Add skills required in the job description. Avoid including any skills that aren’t relevant to this position.
  • Emphasise your accomplishments and relevant projects that you have worked on. This will allow them to evaluate your work history and determine whether you are more qualified for this position.
  • Include keywords that will help your resume stand out from the crowd. Make sure your resume is well-formatted and free of spelling and grammatical flaws.
  • Make it visually appealing. Remember that this is a résumé, not a wedding card, so keep it simple and professional.

4. Practice for tests and technical questions.

Practising coding questions is essential if you want to work for a FAANG company. Coding expertise will increase your knowledge and enable you to solve complex problems quickly. Further, have a good understanding of the domain you are applying for. Then, work on the answers to those questions as well. Here are five methods to get started with these tests:

  • The most excellent place to begin is YouTube. Take a look at videos of tutorials and personal experiences.
  • Follow related groups, forums, and blogs. Here you will get detailed insights and, in some instances, study materials also.
  • Give mock tests. Look for sites sharing these tests to improve your performance.
  • Enroll in courses where you perform poorly. There are many online courses accessible, so don’t waste any more time and get started.
  • Seek expert advice- stay connected to industry experts and folks who cracked these tests. They are the most reliable source of information and guidance.

 Interview Tips & Tricks

5. Understand the interview process- Prepare for the best!

You should be well aware of the interview process to be prepared. You can contact human resources to learn more about the interview procedure to prepare yourself better and ask them to suggest relevant resources. Interview-related resources are available on the websites of the majority of FAANG companies. For example, you can look for guidance and frequently ask questions about a specific employment role. Prepare mock interviews with your friends to evaluate your plus and minuses. Go through some videos of mock interviews.

Yes, we all know cracking a FAANG interview is not a cakewalk. At first, it may appear unachievable, but you can rock the interview and land your ideal job with methodical planning and the right coaching!

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