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Top Courses to Pursue in International Business in 2022

understanding the concept of international business

Have you ever heard about International Business? Has it caught your fancy? Do you want to start a career in International Business Management and are lost on how to start? 

Have you looked up multiple courses but can’t decide the best fit for you? Don’t worry; we have got you covered. We have compiled a list of courses and compared them for you. 

So, here we have compiled a list of some of the best courses if you’re considering a career in this: 

Certificate courses

Certificate programs provide students with specialized training and education in the sector of their choice. For international business, you can opt for courses through Coursera, IBM institute, Careers360, Udemy and EdX.  

Average Salary: After doing a certificate course, the average salary of a professional is around 3-5L p.a.

Popular Certificate Courses

Course type Institute Duration Fees
International Business Essentials Specialization University of London 5-7 months Free
Executive Program in Business Management – International IIM Calcutta 12 months Rs. 15,500 
International Business IIM Ahmedabad 10 days Rs. 1,22,500

Bachelor’s courses

Students choose undergraduate courses because of their adaptability and diversity. Graduate programs are designed for professionals who want to improve their understanding of international business practices. 

Average Salary: The average salary for an International Business undergraduate is approximately 2-4L p.a.

Popular Courses

Institute Delhi University, Mumbai University Wilson College, St. Xaviers University Delhi University
Course type Duration Fees
BBA  3 years Rs. 6k to 3L p.a.
BMS 3 years Rs. 20k to 60k p.a.
BBS 3 years Rs. 6k to 20k p.a.

Masters Courses

A master’s degree allows you to develop specific knowledge and grow your career. As the workforce advances, a graduate degree demonstrates your commitment to increasing your industry experience and trustworthiness. It is valid for International Business as well.  

Average Salary: One can earn after 5L-12L p.a taking a post-grad.

Popular Courses

Some popular courses Institute Duration Fees
MBA in IB IIFT  2 years Rs. 9L p.a.
Post Graduate Diploma in Management SIMS Pune 1 year 3 months Rs. 3-4L p.a.

Doctorate courses

For individuals currently working in a sector, this degree gives professional legitimacy, and getting a doctorate can aid you in accomplishing your career goals. In addition, becoming a specialist in a subject of study opens opportunities and allows you to offer more to your field of study.  

To get a doctorate, you must do a PhD in International Business. Hundreds of colleges across India and even abroad offer these degrees. Some famous colleges/universities in India are the School of Business, the University of Petroleum and Energy Studies, and the GITAM Institute of Management.

Most courses are for 3 to 4 years. At the same time, fees for a PhD course start at around Rs. 1L, but some universities can demand fees as high as 8L p.a. 

Average Salary: The average salary of this is the highest. It starts around 15L and can go up to 20L. 

With an increasing number of multinational firms and corporations functioning globally, there is a widespread demand for International Business courses. Furthermore, many of these firms seek ways to develop and establish their company operations abroad. As a result, they want people who can effectively manage foreign scenarios and are well-versed in the concepts and theories necessary for business establishment. Therefore, choosing which course suits your current condition and future goals best is of utmost importance if you want a successful career in this field.

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