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Understanding Hybrid Intelligence

AI and Humans

The human mind is capable of wonders, and technologies like Artificial Intelligence, IoT and others have made our lives easier. However, both of these together – the human intellect along with AI technology can create innovations beyond one’s imagination. 

Hybrid Intelligence or also referred to as HI, is a collaboration between humans and machines. Implying the application of automation and other tech-based solutions to cater to monotonous tasks or problems that require human intelligence. HI takes human expertise into consideration while performing tasks, making decisions and taking relevant actions.

Hybrid Intelligent System

A hybrid intelligent system combines methods and techniques with automated Artificial Intelligence. A hybrid intelligent system denotes a software system that employs, in parallel, a combination of methods and techniques from artificial intelligence subfields, such as Evolutionary neural networks, Genetic fuzzy systems etc. AI is now combined with computer vision, speech modulation and many other aspects creating a hybrid solution.

Importance of Hybrid Intelligence

Both artificial intelligence and humans have their limitations. AI has the edge over the human brain while detecting complex patterns over large data sets. The human brain, on the other side, can process information even when there is noise in the data. Humans have the ability to react to change in sudden situations. This is what makes hybrid intelligence the best of both worlds. When humans and robots join forces, it will be much easier and faster to carry out operations and work effectively.

Skills needed to master Hybrid Intelligence

AI will be extensively used for routine tasks; humans will then need to upskill to master hybrid intelligence. These skills are both technical and non-technical in nature:

  • Digital Skills- Developing digital skills does not necessarily mean programming. It can also mean being good at using data. Since the world is being digitized, a data-driven approach comes in handy.
  • Creative Thinking- Thinking out of the box is the key to world-changing innovations. It can also help in solving problems effectively and with no additional manpower.
  • Problem Solving- There is a ton of data available to us today. There can be a number of ways to use that data for the benefit of a company or oneself. Problem-solving is a crucial skill that helps you gain solutions. 

Future of Hybrid Intelligence

Computers are trained to be good at a specific task. However, they are nowhere near the versatility of humans. A human could be walking on the road while singing a song and could still follow directions via navigation. Combining the two to create innovations will help humans and Science dramatically. Therefore, understanding Hybrid Intelligent helps humans discover its possibilities. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

What are some of the downsides of hybrid intelligence?
Some of the disadvantages of hybrid intelligence are:

  • It can be expensive
  • Increases the chances of unemployment
  • It tends to make humans lazier

2. Is hybrid intelligence a necessity for the future?
The world is developing and evolving at a fast rate. To keep up with time and accelerate development, it is essential for humans and machines to work collectively and give rise to hybrid intelligence.

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