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Upskilling or Switching Jobs: What is the Best Decision?

Upskilling or Switching Jobs: What is the Best Decision?

Are you not enjoying going to work every day?

Don’t you feel excited and passionate about your current job and role?

If you are not excited and thinking about making the switch every moment while working, then the best thing to do is consider your situation and decide to switch. Here are a few things to consider before you make the final decision:

  • Do you have another job at hand to switch to? 
  • Are you financially sound and safe? 
  • Will it be okay to quit without a job? 
  • What is my next course of action? 

If you have the perfect answers to all the above questions, it is time to say goodbye to your employers and start a new journey. However, if there is any iota of doubt, then it is time to reconsider and maybe focus your energy on upskilling to secure a better job soon.


Upskilling is learning new skills or acquiring additional certifications that will benefit your career. It will make your skills more valuable in the future and boost your career prospects overall. 

Switching Jobs

If the most obvious reason for quitting your current job is the pay, then you should evaluate why your employer is unwilling to promote you and give you a raise. While switching jobs is often the easiest way to get a much-needed raise, this growth tactic will not open up many opportunities within the industry in the future. 

If you’re looking for continuous upward growth in your career graph, then upskilling and enjoying better career prospects is something you should consider. 

Benefits of upskilling 

  • Upgrading your skills can help you get a better job, more money, respect and responsibility, and even more skills. It will help you move up positions in your company.
  • If you’re self-employed, it can help you expand your business and make more money. Upgrading your skills will also help prevent regrets in your career, life and personal relationships.  
  • If you don’t take this opportunity, when will it come again? Learning is always the best career move you can make. 
  • Upskilling loans are easily available through banks and NBFCs like Eduvanz at a low-interest rate. 

Upskilling is always a better option because employers prefer the expertise and skills of the candidate before hiring them. In addition, the perks you enjoy after upskilling are higher and put you on a solid foot in the industry.

Job satisfaction when you know your work contributes significantly towards improving the quality of life of others around you is immense. So, stay motivated, continue learning and enjoy the perks.

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