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What Skills Do You Need To Have A Career In Blockchain?

What Skills Do You Need To Have A Career In Blockchain?

For businesses across the globe, blockchain has emanated as a potential innovative solution. As a result, skills in the industry will continue to be in high demand. As per Deloitte’s 2020 Blockchain Survey, 88% of global respondents believe blockchain will attain mainstream adoption. As a result, the benefits of the technology for businesses instantly lead to an increasing need for the blockchain expertise. So, if you want to have an excellent career in blockchain, you must first develop your skills. From a conceptual perspective, the skills in the sector are a mix of hard and soft skills.

6 technical skills required for blockchain technology

A career in blockchain technology requires a thorough understanding of fundamental concepts in the industry. These terminologies can be mastered with a relevant course and appropriate exposure through projects or internships. The following are the 6 technical skills you must learn to get started within this domain:

Blockchain Architecture

Blockchain architecture is an important concept in blockchain that all experts should be familiar with while in this profession. It is critical to comprehend the importance of a ledger in blockchain, the concept of consensus, and how smart contracts function. It is imperative to have a good grasp of the internal dynamics of the sector. Professionals need to acquire an in-depth knowledge of the four forms of blockchain architecture, including private, public, hybrid, and consortium. A critical Blockchain competency that demonstrates an individual’s extent of core expertise is a profound comprehension of Blockchain architecture. As a result, it is a vital skill for enhancing your grasp of sophisticated Blockchain principles.


Developers need to understand cryptographic insights and strategies to provide a safe blockchain ecosystem, such as wallets, keys, and digital signatures. You ought to connect with several key cryptographic ideas because you will require them throughout blockchain programming. For instance, public-key cryptography is an essential subject of blockchain. It serves as the foundation for all cryptocurrency transactions. Cryptographic hashing is another crucial concept in cryptography. Hashing is obtaining a particular length output using an input of variable range.

Smart Contracts

Smart contracts are self-implementing contracts that allow two parties to exchange goods and services, eliminating the requirement of a third party to act as a mediator. Smart contracts have become a frequent feature of blockchain systems, and professionals must be familiar with them and how they impose corporate functionality. You must also be proficient in programming languages like Solidity, Chaincode, and Vyper.

Data Structure

To create and deploy networks, blockchain experts must engage with data structures at a regular scale. The entire Blockchain system comprises data structures, and a block is indeed a data structure. Data structures are among the most crucial Blockchain skills as they aid in comprehending the underlying behavior of this block. Blocks have specific storage capabilities, and when they are full, they are sealed and connected to the preceding block, producing a blockchain data chain. All additional data submitted after that recently inserted block is generated, creating a new block, which is then introduced to the chain after it is completed.

Web Development

Considering blockchain’s concentration on decentralised applications, blockchain, and web development work simultaneously. Blockchain professionals must recognise every component of web development. It requires understanding the planning and construction of online apps and optimisation and protection techniques deploying the technology that safeguards them.

Programming Languages

Multiple programming languages are frequently implemented based on the systems deployed to develop blockchain ecosystems. While developers cannot be proficient in all languages, they must work in various of them. Java, C++, Python, and JavaScript are among the most popular blockchain languages. Programmers must also possess a thorough understanding of object-oriented programming and be proficient with various development frameworks and tools.

6 Soft skills for blockchain technology

After exploring the technical skills, it’s time to understand the essential soft skills. To stand out from the crowd and increase your chances of securing a fantastic job in blockchain, you will need both. Apart from practical skills, social and cognitive intelligence is also required for this profession. Here we bring you 6 essential soft skills for a career in blockchain technology:

  • Excellent communication skills to exchange your thoughts while comprehending the views of your colleague.
  • A problem-solving attitude is a must because this profession is all about decoding the complexities.
  • Self-motivation is the greatest motivation, so keep encouraging yourself to endure every challenge.
  • Be a team player and believe in contributing with several bright minds.
  • Creativity and innovation are the foundation of blockchain technology.
  • Blockchain is a new and evolving field, so be ready to learn the latest technologies and be enthusiastic enough to learn forever.

The top blockchain careers are diverse and interesting. The skills outlined above will assist you in establishing a solid foundation for understanding all blockchain concepts and its standard operations. If you’re planning a career in blockchain and aspire to become a blockchain engineer or an architect, or any related professional, you first need to learn all the skills listed above. A relevant course will introduce you to these fundamentals, and further working on these will give you hands-on experience.

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