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Will Chatbots be Our New BFFs of the Future?

Chatbots | Artificial Intelligence

Chatbots are messaging applications that carry out simple and complex conversations with users. They are a combination of artificial intelligence and messaging platforms. The use of chatbots has been growing, and the human connection with them is getting stronger.

Chatbots Today

People generally categorize chatbots as a fun and convenient way to achieve outcomes. You might have come across chatbots on many websites and social media. Smartphones use them to provide a better experience to their users. Today, people often interact with a chatbot without even realizing that they did so.

 A person interacting with a chatbot

Human Imitations

With the help of artificial intelligence and machine learning, chatbots are getting better at what they do. Chatbots are slowly developing human-like personalities and are becoming capable of effective speech recognition. Thus, getting closer to imitating human emotions.

Chatbots and Humans

Chatbots have been able to replace humans in certain aspects. They have proven to be a reliable source of information and are great at conversations. In some cases, chatbots are a better alternative to humans. They can look into databases and provide results faster than humans and have pre-scripted answers to a number of questions. People often use chatbots for basic tasks such as asking the date or time.

Integration of Chatbots in our Lives

People are slowly getting accustomed to the use of chatbots. They are slowly becoming a crucial part of our lives. With the improvement in the responses of a chatbot, they are becoming more reliable. Chatbots have proven to make lives easier, and one might wonder what it would feel like to go back to the time when chatbots weren’t around.

Increasing use of chatbots to grow businesses 

Chatbot as a Friend

Chatbots are commonplace now and the increasing number of interactions makes us subconsciously think of them as our friends. There is no compulsion for us to be nice or kind to the chatbot. Chatbots are selfless and are always available for our needs. The users are happy with this sort of relationship as they have control over things. Chatbots are a great source of recreation since they can be integrated with the world wide web and have an abundance of sources.

 Chatbot as a friend

It is no doubt that the use of chatbots will increase in the future. They have the potential to replace humans in many fields. With the improvement in the field of artificial intelligence, chatbots are getting closer and closer to imitating humans. All of this has led to a special bond and a connection between chatbots and humans. This gives us an answer to the question if chatbots will be our best friends of the future. Yes, they do possess the ability to outperform humans in various tasks, and with further development in the tech industry, they will be able to perfect their jobs.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.Will chatbots replace humans? 

Chatbots have been able to imitate humans to a certain extent. However, they cannot replace human emotion, trust and feelings.

2. Why are chatbots the future? 

Chatbots are more efficient, reliable and faster than humans at various tasks. This tells us that they are going to be widely used in the future.

3. Why do people prefer chatbots? 

One of the easiest forms of communication is through texts. On top of that, while interacting with a chatbot, there is no fear of judgement, and hence people prefer chatbots over call executives. 

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