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5 Apps Content Creators Need to Create Viral Videos


Viral content is almost synonymous with social media videos today. The surface web seems to be brimming with new trending videos every day. Viral videos are a great way to boost your visibility online. Thus, giving you a wonderful opportunity to reach out to a huge population being content creators. 

Apps to Create Viral Videos

As a content creator, here are 5 apps that will come in handy for you!  

  1. Magisto 
  2. Pinnacle Studio 
  3. Power Director 
  4. Split Lens 2 
  5. JumpCam 

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Intrigued by the names? Let’s give you a snapshot of each of the viral video apps you can use:  

1. Magisto

Magisto is a perfect app for Tik-Tokers wanting to create short videos without spending hours and hours on detailed editing. The only effort this video app needs is to upload your video, and Magisto edits it exactly as per your needs.  

You can create video content of up to 75 seconds on Magisto and can extend it if you choose to ‘go pro’. You can also pick the styles and soundtracks for your content. The best part of the app is that you can also attach pictures to your clips to be further creative.  

2. Pinnacle Studio

This one is a full-service app for video editing. You can explore Pinnacle Studio to modify your videos, audio clips and images. You add the clips to a storyboard and then export them to your desired location. On the downside, this app is not available for Android users. So, this app can work its charm only on an iPhone or iPad!

But, users can shoot videos from within the app and enrich them with picture-in-picture effects, transitions, animations, soundtracks with three audio tracks and voiceover, titles and a lot more.

3. Power Director 

When it comes to android apps, Power Director is the perfect replacement for Pinnacle Studio. This app houses a suite of video editing tools that come in handy when creating viral videos. The timeline feature of the app makes it extremely easy to push clips in and out while editing.  

The Magic Wizard provided in Power Director offers an automated video creator within the app. Numerous other features, including transitions and video effects, add to the appearance of your video before you upload it on YouTube or Facebook. 

What’s more exciting? Power Director also supports slow-motion and fast-motion videos, full HD transport and voiceover narrations. So, this is definitely a fine pick for social media creators online.  

4. Split Lens 2 

Split Lens 2 allows you to work with pictures and videos, giving various illusions to enhance the appearance of your content. For all the videographers out there, Split Lens lets you record video content of up to 15 minutes in landscape mode! Only to allure you further, this app has got 9 different layouts and 11 options of aspect ratios to choose from. The wide variety of video effects provided to you within this app makes it a perfect choice for you when you are up to creating a video that’s about to go viral.   

5. JumpCam

Last but not least, JumpCam is an amazing option for viral video content creators. This might be the least sophisticated of all, but it also is the easiest option you have for collaborating with peers on videos. Using this app, you can invite your collaborators to create a clip with you. JumpCam also has a wide range of soundtrack options to give your content a highly appealing touch.  

Video content creation is a booming sector of the day. Using such cutting-edge video-creating apps can help you ease the process of making great video content. Creating appealing videos is indeed an art, and you can only excel at it with time. So now that you know of these top 5 content creators’ apps get started with your content! 

Frequently Asked Questions 

What are the features of a good app for creating video content? 

Ans. Video creating becomes an easier task with the following features available for you: 

  • Easy montage maker 
  • Easy video cutter 
  • Easy video joiner 
  • Compositing multiple elements together 
  • Colour grading 
  • Motion tracking 
  • Stabilization 
  • Titles 
  • Background replacement 

What specific software can be used to create viral videos? 

Ans. Here is a list of the specific software that can be put in use to create viral videos: 

  • Wondershare
  • Filmora 
  • Media.io 
  • Blender 
  • Lightroom 

Which are the best apps for creating viral videos? 

Ans. Here is a list of the best 5 apps that might come in handy while creating viral videos: 

  • Magisto 
  • Pinnacle Studio 
  • Power Director 
  • Split Lens 2 
  • JumpCam 

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