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5 Blockchain Games to Play and Earn Big Bucks in 2022

Best crypto games to play in 2022

Are you a crypto enthusiast who also enjoys gaming? Have you heard of play-to-earn games? Did your curiosity levels spike up on reading play-to-earn? Then, if you want to learn more about it, this is just the right place to get all the information on NFT games, blockchain games and which pays the most.

Blockchain technology allows for legitimate, real-world trade of NFT; therefore, cryptocurrency gaming is raking billions of dollars. Most of these blockchain games enable players to earn money by completing tasks in the game. These games compensate players for accomplishing goals, trading and leasing to make money. So, how do you earn while you play?

Play-to-earn games are a unique take on typical online gaming, allowing gamers to earn cryptocurrency while playing. Often these games have a decentralised exchange where players can convert their in-game currency into some of the renowned cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

5 Best Blockchain Games to Play and Earn

The rising demand for crypto has brought about an influx of play and earn games in 2022. If you’re a newbie in crypto gaming, we have compiled a list of the top 5 blockchain games that will bring you both- fun and money.

1. Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity is among the most widely played NFT games nowadays. It’s easy to sign up and begin, making it a viable alternative for someone fresh in crypto gaming. Smooth Love Potion (SLP) and Axie Infinity Token (AXS) are the two in-game currencies offered to gamers.

2. Gods Unchained

Gods Unchained is a game about a group of strong creatures described as Gods, each with a special skill. The game has its cryptocurrency token known as the GODS token. Players can use GODS tokens to make NFTs and buy packs from the Gods Unchained Marketplace. As of June 2022, the value of Gods Unchained is USD 0.488547. This game was developed by the same group that created Immutable X, an Ethereum layer-2 scaling solution. As a result, the game is Ethereum based and employs Immutable X.

3. Decentraland

Powered by Ethereum blockchain, Decentraland is a 3D virtual reality crypto game. Players here use the MANA cryptocurrency based on the Ethereum blockchain to purchase virtual plots of land as NFTs on the platform. Once a person buys the land, they use it to develop whatever they desire, a standalone game or a fully functional online market that runs a business. According to NEWSBTC, MANA cryptocurrency is one of the cryptocurrencies that will revolutionise the metaverse.

4. The Sandbox

The Sandbox lets gamers fully engage on the platform, purchasing and trading in NFTs by blending innovation, planning, and endurance instincts. It is one of the most popular crypto games in the 3D virtual reality arena, where its unique take on the classic Decentraland notion is something players love the most. SAND is the in-game currency used to purchase and trade in virtual land.

5. Plant vs Undead

If you are looking for some light and fun game with no aggressive hardcore action, Plant vs Undead is for you. Its central goal is farming, wherein the player should create light energy (LE) to advance in the game. Hence, LE is the in-game currency which can be converted into Plant vs Undead (PVU) tokens and can be exchanged later on decentralised exchanges alongside the most popular cryptocurrencies. In addition, plant NFTs are another resource for players, priced depending on their scarcity.

Crypto gaming is a great way to earn cryptocurrencies and connect with other gamers that share your interests. According to Mordor Intelligence, in 2021, the gaming market was worth USD 198.40 billion; by 2027, it is expected to be worth USD 339.95 billion, with a CAGR of 8.94 % between 2022 and 2027. As a result, P2E gaming or blockchain games have the power to emerge as one of the world’s most rapidly developing industries. So, if you want to invest your time in something exciting while also increasing your productivity, these popular crypto games are the way to go!

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