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7 Amazing Job Opportunities in Blockchain You Can’t Afford to Miss

7 Amazing Job Opportunities in Blockchain You Can’t Afford to Miss

In today’s cutthroat ecosystem of uncertainty, everyone is seeking skills or experiences that will assist them in getting a stable career. The field of blockchain is rapidly gaining in popularity. The cutting-edge technology serves as the backbone for virtual currencies. Because blockchain is among the fastest-growing areas of expertise, the scope of job opportunities is increasing tremendously.

Who is hiring blockchain professionals?

Almost every sector is hiring blockchain professionals to harness their skills and expertise. The major potential employers who are looking for the experts include:
Tech Companies

  • Industries such as BFSI, Oil and Gas, Supply Chain, Insurance, etc.
  • Government agencies
  • Start-ups
  • Digital Companies

What are the job opportunities in blockchain?

Numerous companies employ Blockchain experts to deliver the top quality solutions and create technological advances by leveraging their skills and expertise. If blockchain interests you, we have compiled a list of 7 blockchain-related employment options for you to consider:

Blockchain Quality Engineer

A blockchain quality engineer creates automated frameworks, performs manual testing, and checks for errors and malfunctions. If some issues develop, they have addressed them to the appropriate team and guaranteed that the ultimate product is bug-free. A Blockchain engineer fulfils a specific function by ensuring that all activities in the Blockchain development platform are of the highest quality.

Blockchain Developer

Blockchain developers who can assist businesses in evaluating Blockchain systems are in increasing need. Individuals are anxious to grasp every potential perk of this innovation; hence blockchain development may be the most desirable professional choice today. Because this is a high-ranking role, these folks must pay close attention to every detail. Blockchain developers are coders who build blockchain solutions.

Blockchain Architect

A blockchain architect collaborates with R&D departments to develop and plan solutions that utilise cross-asset frameworks and principles. They also operate on new technologies and set efficiency parameters against which new solutions are judged. Aside from that, blockchain architects have extensive knowledge of blockchain architectural frameworks and the development of storage solutions.

Blockchain Security Engineer

The major function under this role is security-related services. A blockchain security engineer collaborates closely with blockchain developers to analyse and safeguard their technology. They also assist in designing new corporate security solutions that aid in the improvement of security services.

Blockchain UX Designer

As blockchain is used in various businesses, its appearance and user interface are increasingly important. A Blockchain UX designer’s job is to develop a user interface that inspires trust and appeals to its target customer. These professionals must be keen to pay attention to minute details, have a creative flair, and most significantly, be diligent, as their chosen profession needs them to invest long hours in front of monitors.

Blockchain Product Manager

A blockchain product manager is in charge of connecting Blockchain projects with professionals responsible for developing Blockchain solutions. They require to be fully integrated with a conventional project manager’s skill sets and expertise. The individuals must also grasp the technical aspects of the technology to comprehend it fully. Strong communication skills are vital when dealing with non-technical employees.

Blockchain legal Consultant

A blockchain legal consultant specialises in building legal alliances and advising businesses on structuring cryptocurrency offerings. Based on the existing blockchain laws and regulations in the individual countries, the legal consultant will advise customers who are adopting blockchain-based services, producing or using digital currencies, and incorporating digital-ledger-based technology.

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