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7 Apps that Makes Every Techie’s Life Easy

7 Apps that Makes Every Techie’s Life Easy

Hey, are you a techie constantly juggling hacks to fix the IT problems in your company? Is troubleshooting your second name for which you are famous? If that is true, we believe you need to constantly up your game with the latest trends and information about the newest technology and industry news. This article will help you know about the 7 top apps that tech and science nerds must know. Let’s start exploring! 

7 Apps every science nerd will be thankful for:

  1. GeeksforGeeks  
  2. Tracker Control  
  3. AIDE  
  4. Airdroid  
  5. ClipDrop AR  
  6. Material Files  
  7. Florisboard  

GeeksforGeeks is a one-stop destination for programmers. It helps the nerd community learn programming concepts of CS/IT data structures, algorithms and practice coding. Helpful for both beginners and advanced-level programmers, the tech nerds can utilize it to learn C, C++, Python, JavaScript, SQL, etc. The app is available on Android and iOS and can be downloaded from the play store and app store, respectively, for free.  

Tracker Control
Data collection by trackers has been a major concern for many users. Tracker Control is an open-source app that lets users control the tracking in apps. In the beginning, the app starts working as a VPN tracking the network communications of the apps. Its key feature is that it provides a traffic log of all the apps using the data and the IP addresses they are using.

AIDE is an integrated development environment (IDE) for developing real Android apps directly on Android devices. Running an app project with AIDE is easy. Select “Run” from the menu to run the app, AIDE will first build an Android application package file (APK). The app files have the codes, resources, certificates and manifest file. The free-to- use app on the Google Play Store doesn’t require you to pay to download it.

Transferring files across devices is difficult when you constantly have to use a cable or email photos to yourself. Airdroid is an app that helps you share photos, music, videos and more across your android phone and pc. Both the devices need to be on the same network to transfer files. Airdroid is a free-to-use app in its base version, but to use its premium features like the ad-free experience and sharing of entire folders, you are required to pay a fee of $1.99


ClipDrop AR 
ClipDrop AR is a fascinating and unique app that lets you click pictures in the real world and directly paste them on your pc. The app scans real objects via camera and automatically crops the object to right edges through AR on Google Docs, PowerPoint, Photoshop, etc. The app isn’t officially available in India but can be downloaded through its APK links.  


Material Files
There are very few file manager apps available, and you can trust them. Material Files is an open-source, clean and secure file manager with a simple and minimalistic UI. The user-friendly UI makes it easy to use and is loved by many. The app’s key features support multiple windows and the ability to create home screen shortcuts. This app is excellent and better than the default file managers.  

Privacy breach through keyboards is another matter of concern. Keyboards generally keep track of typed texts all the time. Florisboard is an open-source keyboard app that provides all the features like other big keyboard apps- number row, one-handed mode, gesture typing, custom height, built-in clipboard, etc. It also allows users to customise the theme of the keyboard according to their personal preference. The app supports most global languages and can be conveniently used by many users.    

These are a few tech apps that the nerd community loves, and you can try them out too!   

Some Frequently Asked Questions: –  

What are open-source apps? 
Open-source apps are those apps that are available for free. The source code is open, and anyone is licensed to copy and change the software according to their requirements.  

What are a few trending apps in India? 
Tiktok, Instagram, CapCut and Spotify are some of the most downloaded apps in 2022.  

Is side loading apps safe?
No, this method of installing apps is not recommended. Many users use the APK version to install apps, exposing your system to malware.  


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