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7 Countries Hiring AI Professionals in 2022

AI Professionals Needed in many sectors


Virtual assistant Siri, or robotic surgeries- artificial intelligence is transforming the tech industry, making unimaginable things just achievable. According to Gartner, the business value provided by AI will hit $3.9 trillion by 2022. Owing to the rising demand, various countries are hiring AI experts for numerous roles. But have you ever thought of what a career in AI is like?

Is artificial intelligence a promising career?  
Is a career in AI worth it?  
Will AI be in demand in the future? 

You must have considered these questions at some point in your life. Artificial intelligence is the heart of the current technological revolution and is only growing stronger. Therefore, the AI area is brimming with career opportunities, where there are more employment opportunities than skilled applicants. Furthermore, experienced AI professionals are lured with insanely high salaries in every industry- from tech to finance, healthcare to automobile; everyone needs a qualified AI expert. According to World Economic Forum, AI and Machine Learning specialists are the second most in-demand careers. So yes, recruiters around the globe are hunting for skilled and qualified AI professionals such as AI engineers, Machine Learning Engineer, AI Developer, Business Intelligence Developer, Robotic scientists, etc.

If you want to know which countries pay AI experts the most or what are the best countries to look for artificial intelligence jobs, you are in the right place. We have compiled a list of the top 7 countries hiring AI professionals in 2022.

1. The USA

Because of its high number of businesses concentrating on machine learning, artificial intelligence, automation, robotics, etc., the United States is among the leading countries for artificial intelligence professionals. As per Datamation, the average pay scale of an artificial intelligence programmer is between $100,000 and $150,000. Whereas an AI Engineer makes around $171,715 a year. Some of the top AI recruiting companies in the USA include- Google, Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft, Intel, Rocket Fuel, Cylance, etc. Hiring managers are looking for employees having skills in the neural network, deep learning, machine learning, etc.

2. Canada

Canada is quickly becoming a popular destination for AI professionals after the United States. The Canadian government provides numerous opportunities for students and researchers in this discipline. As per Government Relations Office, Toronto- Canada’s artificial intelligence sector is fuelling innovation, job creation and private sector investment. Payscale reports an average salary range for AI Specialists is around C$99,996, and for machine learning researchers is between C$115k – C$140k. In addition, Canada has some of the world’s leading companies hiring AI experts, such as KPMG, IBM, TD bank, LoyaltyOne, Huawei, etc.

3. The UK

The AI sector in the United Kingdom is expected to grow rapidly over the next five years, adding $880 billion to the UK economy by 2035. Glassdoor estimates the national average salary of an AI employee to be around £47,925 in the United Kingdom. Echobox, Software, Hire STEM, Google, and PwC are some top companies hiring AI professionals in the UK.

4. China

China is spending heavily on the AI industry and putting the technology into action. As a result, artificial intelligence experts are in high demand in China. However, the domestic labour market is struggling to fill many open vacancies. Professionals with over five years of expertise seeking work are hard to come by, so Chinese corporate entities are scouring the globe for them. According to Salary Expert, the average salary of an artificial intelligence engineer in China is ¥323,158.

5. Germany

Germany is at the top of the list in Europe for artificial intelligence (AI). Renowned German manufacturers such as BMW, Bosch, and Porsche have their respective cutting-edge technological universities for research and development. The country is also focusing on creating a structure that simulates the well-known Silicon Valley. According to Payscale, a machine learning engineer earns an average of €57,981 per year. Talentica Software, Ubisoft, Celadon, Quytech, Miquido, etc., are some fantastic artificial intelligence companies in Germany.

6. Japan

Japan is the leading global provider of industrial robots and the third largest in AI research and development, following China and the United States. After IBM and Microsoft, Toshiba Japan is the world’s third-largest provider of AI patents. Japan’s robotics firms are attracting more and more global software engineers and related IT experts. According to Salary Explorer, an Artificial Intelligence Developer earns an average of 646,000 JPY per month in Japan. Micron, IBM, etc., are companies looking for skilled AI experts in Japan.

7. India

In India, investments in AI/machine learning would expand at a CAGR of 33.49 % by 2023. In India, artificial intelligence has a strong future. By 2035, AI can potentially add $957 billion to the national economy. Various sectors such as manufacturing, healthcare, agriculture, education, transport, infrastructure, etc., are deploying AI technology. According to Glassdoor, an average salary range of an AI Engineer in India is around ₹9,43,199 per year. Various companies hiring AI professionals in India include Accenture, Google, Apple, IBM, PepsiCo, Baker Hughes, etc.

In recent times, artificial intelligence has become a subject of growing interest. Companies are looking for sharp minds and skilled expertise to code and develop machine learning algorithms. They are seeking professionals who can carve a complex IT-system into an ordinary customer friendly device. As a result, AI is highly demanded wherever you go, and AI professionals are highly valued. So, don’t waste your time pondering endless dilemmas; just hone your skills to enter a revolutionary industry- AI technology!

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