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All I need to know about Machine learning – A Guide for Career in 2022

What is Machine Learning?

Since the inception of humankind, humans have paved their way from knowing nothing about this planet earth to discovering the fact that scavenger beetles walk upside-down beneath the water’s surface. Thinking of the magnitude of the progress made, it will not come as a shock that humans have developed technology advanced enough to replicate its intelligence artificially – known as Artificial Intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence is the central focus for many scientists and researchers, and their research has given birth to Machine Learning. In this article, we will look at what exactly is Machine Learning.

In this article, we will understand:

1. What machine learning is
2. Machine Learning job outlook
3. Various fields in Machine Learning
4. What do we infer


What is Machine Learning?

Machine learning is an area of artificial intelligence (AI) that focuses on using data and algorithms to mimic the way people learn, to improve accuracy steadily.

It enables software programs to improve their prediction accuracy without being explicitly designed. Machine learning programs use past data as input to forecast new output values. In layman’s terms, it uses its experience to improve its performance and accuracy in future situations, just like humans. The more the system is fed with inputs, the better will it generate the output.

Machine Learning Job Outlook 2022

From speech and image recognition to traffic alerts, chatbots to google translations, from ad recommendations to self-driving cars, we are surrounded by all of these daily – but were you aware that these are all the applications of Machine Learning. So, think, if we need machine learning to carry out even the menial tasks every day, it must require the workforce to operate and improve it. Thus, the prospects of Machine Learning in particular and Artificial intelligence in general as a job is rising worldwide, including in India. According to Gartner, there will be 2.3 million jobs in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning by 2022. Therefore, it is only reasonable to explore, and deep dive into the fields Machine Learning offers for people to begin their careers.

Jobs In Machine Learning

Here is a list of the top 5 machine learning jobs in 2022:

1. Data Scientist

As the name suggests, a data scientist must study and analyze data as his deep learning, and statistical analytical skills help him to help the organization. Referred as “the most promising job” and “best job in America” by LinkedIn and Glassdoor, the data scientist’s role offers a salary range of 5 lakhs to 25 lakhs per annum.

As exciting as it sounds, a data scientist is expected to be highly logical and inclined towards numbers and statistics. Therefore, a bachelor’s degree in IT, computer science or business or a master’s in a data-related field is a must to start the journey in this career. Understanding conceptual applications around statistics, mathematics, physical science, and engineering is desirable.

2. NLP Scientist

An NLP scientist has his career panned around NLP (Natural Language Processing).

What is NLP?
It is the ability of a computer to read, understand and comprehend human language.

Why is this important?
Talking to the chatbot online or your device converting your audio to text (on maybe MS-Word), a machine responding to you, and the machine talking to you by playing audio files are examples of NLP. Siri and Google translation would be nothing without it!

To become a data scientist, one needs to primarily learn- Syntactic analysis (such arrangement of words that they make correct grammatical sense) and semantic analysis (connotation of the text).  One could point out the future of NLP by looking at Tay and Zo, two AI chatbots developed by Microsoft, that it is full of threats and challenges. However, the AI world and its application are growing fast, the shortcomings of NLP are being eliminated, and advances in this field is set to benefit humankind in the coming years.

Job of an NLP scientist

3. Software Engineer

Our computer uses millions of software to carry out billions of our tasks. These are developed by applying software engineering by software engineers. This is a notable role and has not emerged recently. The average salary of a software engineer ranges between 2 lakhs to 4 lakhs per annum.  The bare minimum requirement to become a software engineer is a bachelor’s degree in mathematics or computer science.

4. Business Intelligence Developer:

A business intelligence developer utilizes software to comprehend and portray data for a company/organization. He is required to have expertise in data visualization, data comprehension and analysis and must know how to manipulate and display data in the best way possible. The various applications you must have seen in real life could be ad hoc reporting, data modelling tools, query tools etc. The salary of a business intelligence developer is decent with the minimum pay starting from 4 Lakhs, going up to as high as 17 lakhs. Anyone interested in becoming one must know that coding is a prerequisite used in the two most essential stages in the business intelligence life cycle, known as data modelling and warehousing stages.

5. Machine Learning Engineer

Last but not least is the machine learning engineer. They are the principal engineers responsible for the one task Machine Learning stands for – making the computer capable of learning from each experience (input) and applying it to new circumstances (predicting).

To become an ML engineer, one must have a master’s degree or a PhD in fields related to Information Technology, Mathematics and Computer Science for the engineers to know sufficient to run heavy computer algorithms. It is also one of the highest-paying jobs in the world, ranging from 4 lakhs to as high as 25 lakhs per annum in India.


It solely depends on an individual’s interest and expertise to do well in a field. Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence have a lot to offer and are the future of humanity. Thus, choosing a career in 2022 in this field could be your best investment to a great financially secure future.

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