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Are Metaverse Schools the New Frontier?

How metaverse will improved education?

A typical classroom scenario in a few years will be entirely different from what it is today. For example, in a class where the teacher describes various forms of forests, such as temperate or tropical, students will tour around the globe witnessing the wonders of nature. Some students could find mosses, orchids, or even ferns lovely, while others would be astounded by the majestic beauty of deciduous trees in temperate woods. This natural experience with virtual learning is what Metaverse promises the education system!

Metaverse is a hypothetical world within the internet encompassing virtual reality and augmented reality technologies blending natural and virtual aspects, making a unified environment in the digital ecosystem.

How Can Metaverse Enhance the Education System?

With the onset of the Covid Pandemic, virtual learning has become a common approach to teaching. But by the time Metaverse comes into play, learning will have no boundaries. Using Metaverse will help bring concepts out of one’s imagination into the real world through tech.

Richard Mayer, a famous educational psychologist, thinks this technology would boost students’ attention and involvement. In one of his interviews, he elaborates, “A deeper understanding of how creating unique educational experiences that feel real through immersive technology can influence learning through different affective and cognitive processes. ”

5 Advantages of Metaverse in Education:

  • Metaverse can offer a real-life experience to students, increasing their interest in learning.
  • Innovative learning approaches help develop students’ long-term memory as they quickly understand complex concepts on metaverse and remember them for a long time.
  • Metaverse will also be one of the most affordable approaches for quality learning.
  • Metaverse will open up remote learning, as anyone from anywhere can connect to the Metaverse platform. 
  • Virtual field trips to hazardous or inaccessible locations are also feasible using Metaverse. Hence, Metaverse is a safe option for attaining things that seem impossible in the real world.

5 Metaverse Strategies That Transform the Education System

The emergence of the Metaverse results from the fusion of numerous cutting-edge technological advancements. As a result, it may use several methods and technologies to improve its performance to offer a high-class learning experience. Here is a list of the 5 technologies Metaverse employs to transform conventional education:

Augmented Reality/ Virtual Reality

AR/VR technology is a fundamental part of the Metaverse. Using VR systems will change the way of learning as opposed to learning from textbooks and video lectures to virtual reality. This immersive learning approach will enhance the overall learning experience.

Social Media Learning

Students and teachers can communicate and share content quickly using social media. They can also explore topics beyond their syllabus and follow specialised learning channels to understand a subject deeply. The integration of social media and the Metaverse will help ease learning and induce creativity among students.

Learn while you play – Gamifying education

New modules will include gaming as part of the learning techniques, where students will get to play games related to some concepts. This will increase the engagement among students, and they also will enjoy learning in the process.

Personalised Learning

With the help of personalised learning, it will become easy to keep track of every student’s performance. Learners will be taught as per their strengths and weaknesses.

Scenario-Based Learning (SBL)

This will be the best strategy ever implemented in the education system as SBL is not just about factual learning but also enhances your cognitive thinking. First, students will get to learn certain concepts, and later, specific scenarios based on those concepts will be presented. This enhances their analytical thinking in comprehending the topics better.

Metaverse has a wide range of scope and is poised to take the world by storm. By empowering students with a rich learning experience, the education sector will undoubtedly profit. In fact, Metaverse will disrupt not only educational institutions like schools and colleges but also other sectors associated with learning, such as upskilling and reskilling programs.

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