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JobTechInstitute Masai Raises Series B; Plans to Launch Upskilling Courses 

Catering to the rising tech upskilling needs, JobTechInstitute has raised $10 million more dollars. Speaking of their mission, Prateek Shukla added in an interview with Financial Express saying “Our mission remains to build the country’s largest employable tech workforce. The last 3 years have been proof of our competency in bridging the tech skill gap for over 800 tech companies who have hired more than 2000 alumni.” Read more. Source: Financial Express

An Upskilling Programme for Pharmacists  

As the Tech, Data, Marketing and other industries progress to the future by adapting to newer methodologies, tech-innovations and applications, there’s one more industry ready to upskill. The pharmaceutical industry has now rolled up its sleeves launching an upskilling program for professionals in the field and the ones aspiring to. The programme has already had 10,000 professionals benefit from the program. Read more. Source: The Hindu

We do not see ourselves as a startup: Upgrad’s Screwvala

Upgrad, the upskilling edtech unicorn, is keen to shed the image of a ‘startup’, preferring to be seen as an established business in the education segment, co-founder Ronnie Screwvala said in an interview. Read more… Source: Livemint

Upskilling Leaders is Essential in the New World of Work

With a number of people working from home or hybrid, it is important for leaders to brush up their leadership skills to be able to manage their subordinates without any hindrance. Furthermore, inclusivity is a big part of workplaces now and so, good leaders develop soft skills such as empathy, humility etc. Read about it here.   Source: Forbes 

Barclays and McKinsey Are Looking For Techies in India

If working internationally has been a dream of yours, here’s an update. International giants like the Barclays and Mckinsey are hiring techies in India. You can check out the positions here. Also, remember to upskill yourself to get a better chance at getting hired. To look at your upskilling option, check out Exalt.club’s blog section.   Source: Techgig 

IT Giants Resume WFO to Fight Moonlighting

Tech giants are acknowledging employees to work from the officer instance, giants like TCS and Wipro follow a WFO regime to encourage their employees to focus on the company’s work. While an open debate about WFO or WFH is on, read here to understand what you can expect from the future.   Source: Techgig 

Tech Mahindra supports moonlighting: CEO Gurnani

Gurnani, CEO of Tech Mahindra speaks up about moonlighting. Expressing that if the employee wishes to take up work outside of work, they are just adding up to their resume. However, the company is working in progress to put together brand guidelines to work externally. Further, she adds that if the employee wishes to take up extra work, they must first get it approved and also, follow the set guidelines. Read more about it.   Source: Techgig 

India’s Manufacturing Sector Shows Robust Hiring Outlook of 57% For Q3

According to the Employment Outlook Report, hiring across the manufacturing sectors has witnessed a rise from 61% to 65%. Furthermore, it’s further expected to grow. If you are interested in manufacturing, this is the best time to look at a career switch to manufacturing. Read more about it here.   Source: Economic Times 

India’s manufacturing sector shows robust hiring outlook of 57% for Q3

According to the Employment Outlook Report, hiring across the manufacturing sectors has witnessed a rise from 61% to 65%. Furthermore, it’s further expected to grow. If you are interested in manufacturing, this is the best time to look at a career switch to manufacturing. Read more about it here.   Source: Economic Times 

What Essential Skills Do You Need to Launch a Startup?

Entrepreneurship isn’t simply about being self-employed or owning a business. It is about developing, organising and running a business to generate profits while taking a considerable financial risk.        The rising startup culture has seen new businesses offering a service or developing a product in demand. Usually founded by one or more entrepreneurs,  startups are established with the intent to multiply business by offering something that addresses a particular market gap.   How is entrepreneurship different from startup?  Entrepreneurship  Startup Entrepreneurship refers to new business setups, including self-employment or home-made industries. Startups refer to new businesses that intends to grow large beyond the solo founder. Entrepreneurs invest money without any major respo...

5 Awesome AR Apps We Are in Love With!

Owing to the rising popularity of Augmented Reality, a time when virtual reality and the real world could interact is not merely a piece of imagination. You already see augmented reality games everywhere, but it’s also making strides in the healthcare, retail, education, business, and governmental sectors. So yes, augmented reality applications are found across diverse domains. AR apps can lead the tech industry due to cutting-edge graphics and lifelike experiences. According to Statista, there will likely be 1.7 billion mobile augmented reality user devices globally by 2024. So, by then, everything will be immersive! If you are new to AR technology, here we bring you the best AR applications for an unforgettable immersive experience. So, continue reading and keep exploring. Top 5 AR...

How can I get an upskilling loan without my parent’s help? 

Shruti, 24, was excited to have landed herself a dream job in one of the top companies in IT. However, a few months into the job, she realized that her graduation degree did not teach her the vital skills required by the role ahead. So, she decided to upskill herself by taking a few courses online. This time, however, she did not wish to take help from her parents to fund her course. However, her salary wasn’t enough to support her expenses and fees.   What should Shruti do? Well, for upskillers like Shruti, upskilling loans by NBFCs like Eduvanz is a boon. The criteria for applying for these loans are simple. Anyone above eighteen, residing in any part of the country, can avail of the loans with minimum documentation process. The entire process is online. Approvals are instant; for ...