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Conscious Hiring Amid Recession Fears & Inflation in the Country

India saw a flattened rate of 3% in hiring in August as compared to last year. Amidst fears of recession and inflation in the country, companies are being cautious in filling new roles. The report released by Monster.com states that the country will soon witness a rebound in the job section during the ongoing festival season. CEO of Monster.com, Shekhar Garisa had this to say, “India continues on its tech adaptive journey with newer technologies and consequently newer skills in demand by recruiters. It is key that workforce upskilling be taken more seriously now than ever for career growth and overall economic progress.” Click here to read the full article. Source: CNBC TV 18 Published on: September 12, 2022

Indian Film Crew Losing their Jobs to Foreign Counterparts

Hiring foreign talent is a norm in the country in many sectors. However, Bollywood is the latest to join the bandwagon. The film industry is looking out for experienced cinematographers, scriptwriters, production people, junior artists from foreign shores to add diversity and talent. This hiring has not gone down well with the unions and the employees in the Bollywood industry from the country. Political representatives and union leaders are arguing that visa norms are flouted by these foreigners to acquire these jobs, meanwhile rendering the people of the country jobless. The Federation of Western India Cine employees blames the producers for initiating the hiring from abroad. Read more here. Source: NDTV Published on: September 12, 2022

How Ed-Tech Solutions Are Helping Teachers Upskill

Blended learning – the seamless module of online and offline teaching methods adopted by schools post the pandemic are thriving. Technology-aided learning in classrooms has opened multiple opportunities across the education sector. Teachers who are upskilling and updating their resumes with skills in AR/VR, metaverse, AI and IoT ed-tech solutions are enjoying growth in their careers. The access of the internet to 67% of people in urban India with an expected surge of users will mak education accessible through ed-tech solutions. To Read more on this news, click here. Source: India Today Published on: September 8, 2022

The Hot New Career in Town: Scriptwriting

The success of Netflix, Disney+ Hotstar, Amazon Prime Video and multiple OTT channels during the pandemic has led to the belief that content is king. Indian audiences are lapping up great content from across the world and are now demanding newer plotlines and exceptional stories from the heartland of India. There is no place for a mediocre script and the increase in demand for good scripts has made OTT channels scourge for new talent.Read more to know Engineers, Chartered Accountants and Doctors rushing to these places for their screenwriting courses. Source:The Print Published on: September 10, 2022

Hiring Alert @Myntra! Apply Now

This festive season, fashion e-commerce giant Myntra has opened up 16,000 positions in delivery, warehouse handling and logistics. The Flipkart-owned company is gearing up for the surge in sales and increase in demand for products during the festive season. The company opened up similar positions last year and hired 11,000 people. This year they are expecting to hire 10,000 people through direct employment opportunities, while 6,000 through indirect. Continue reading this news here. Source: Mint Published on: September 12, 2022

Infosys vs TCS vs Wipro: What IT employees’ appointment letters say about ‘moonlighting’?

As the freelance economy becomes a huge part of our lives today, more and more people are tempted to have a side hustle. However, identifying it as moonlighting, the debate around it, especially in the IT sector, has caught up like wildfire. Business Today looked at a few offer letters from the IT industry. While an individual’s time is one’s own, companies are imposing limitations on their when it comes to taking up freelance gigs. Read more. Published on: August 30, 2022 Source: Business Today

Hiring increases by 29% in April-June 2022: Indeed tracker

Indeed, a job search portal observed a spike in job seekers and jobs over the last quarter. Furthermore, with 5G, the telecom industry is expected to grow in the coming year. Along with telecom, healthcare, IT and E-commerce have also witnessed a spike in talent demand. Read more. Published on: August 25, 2022 Source: Economics Times

Non-tech sector major driver of white-collar hiring in the past 4 months!

According to LinkedIn and Xpheno, the non-tech cohort collectively posted about 100,000 active job vacancies in August, making up 37% of all active demand. As businesses become wary about bringing on new talent in the face of growing labour costs and strong inflation in important client areas, the IT services industry experienced its lowest count down 14% in 15 months. In non-tech industries, some of the most demanded job profiles include those related to 5G in telecom, consumer electronics, and semiconductors in manufacturing, electric vehicles, engineering, and R&D in the auto industry, sales, customer service, and operations in hospitality and tourism. Read more Published on: September 02, 2022 Source: Economic Times

Many jobs summit ideas for wages don’t make sense – upskilling does

Over the last ten years, real inflation-adjusted wages have barely increased by 0.1% annually, significantly decreasing in the past year. The claim makes the case that technological advancement and globalisation have eliminated routine intermediate jobs, lowering wages in these fields. To improve the labour market’s flexibility to adopt new technology, measures to boost wage growth should include retraining. As the workforce upskills, wages will rise when workers transition to higher-paying positions where labour is scarce. Read more Published on: August 24, 2022 Source: The Conversation

Seven in 10 employees plan to devote more time to upskilling: Survey

According to reports, seven out of ten workers plan to upskill and switch careers. The survey conducted by Simplilearn reveals patterns among employees in terms of professional advancement over the previous 12 months. The respondents reported that the main problem was a lack of critical skills. The top two skills that learners chose to upgrade were data science and project management. Read more Published on: September 02, 2022 Source: Economic Times

100,000 developers will be upskilled by Google in Cyber Security

Inadequate upskilling standards among developers in the country has made Google launch an upskilling program to help them as a part of its Cyber Security Roadshow campaign. 100,000 developers and cyber security researchers across multiple cities in the country will be given access to tools, tutorials and mentorship to build consumer apps, as well as enterprise programs. This upskilling programme will cover two broad divisions -Android and Google Cloud. To read more on this news, click here. Published on: 25th August, 2022 Source: Mint

Make a Resilient Organization by Upskilling DevOps

Customers today are looking for fast and simple solutions with the best quality in the application, deployment and development process. Therefore, organizations need to upskill their workforce to meet the rising customer demand and the output base. Please take a look to understand the different modes CIOs can apply to retain the best talent for their organization and prioritize upskilling DevOps. Read more here.  Published on: 28/8/22 Source: Enterprise Talk

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