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Frequently Asked Interview Questions for Artificial Intelligence Specialists

Artificial Intelligence Job Interview

Artificial Intelligence is the future of the Tech-world. While this future seems distant, it really isn’t going to take long for it to take over and become our new normal. So, if you are someone who are preparing to venture in the field too, know that you have competition. Therefore, to confidently ace your AI job interview, prepare yourself with AI interview questions.  

Some of the most commonly asked AI interview questions are:  

  1. What Are the Common Uses and Applications of AI?
  2. What Is Machine Learning, and How Does It Relate to AI? 
  3. What Is TensorFlow, and What Is It Used For?
  4. What Are Neural Networks, and How Do They Relate to AI? 
  5. What is deep learning?
  6. What Is a Bayesian Network, and How Does It Relate to AI?
  7. What Are Constraint Satisfaction Problems?
  8. What’s the difference between strong AI and weak AI?
  9. Where do you think is the future of AI?
  10. What’s the best feature of implementing AI in any work system?
  11. What are the different types of AI?
  12. Explain reward maximization in Reinforcement Learning.
  13. Which is better for image classification? Supervised or unsupervised classification? Justify.
  14. What is the Minimax Algorithm? Explain the terminologies involved in a Minimax problem.
  15. How can AI be used in detecting fraud?
  16. Let’s say that you started an online shopping business and to grow your business, you want to forecast the sales for the upcoming months. How would you do this? Explain.
  17. The crop yield in India is degrading because farmers are unable to detect diseases in crops during the early stages. Can AI be used for disease detection in crops? If yes, explain.
  18. What is market basket analysis and how can Artificial Intelligence be used to perform this?
  19. What do you think are the major challenges with AI?
  20. Briefly explain your understanding of ANN. Mention hyper-parameters of ANN.

The above list has handy curated 20 questions to give you a head start. However, keep in mind that the key to any good interview is to be positive, confident and have a can-do attitude to win the job. Therefore, prepare yourself and perform your best. 

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