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6 Guaranteed Techniques to Help You With Online Learning

6 Guaranteed Techniques to Help You With Online Learning

Traditional schooling has undergone a paradigm shift in the last few years. No one could have anticipated that Covid-19 pandemic would radically transform our way of life. With the emergence of e-learning, teaching takes place remotely on virtual platforms across digital media. Having a physical presence in a classroom is no longer the sole way to study. Today, with the internet, anyone from anywhere at any time can gain quality education. Yes, we are living in an innovative age, an era of online education!

What is the impact of online learning?

Students and professionals seeking education have embraced online learning in droves. In India, the online education sector is forecasted to increase by 50% between 2021 and 2025, reaching $5 billion in the financial year 2025. Virtual learning has grown ingrained across schools, institutions and various corporate organizations. As a result, there is a significant impact of online learning, both positively and negatively.

Positive Impact

  • Accessibility of education from any location and flexibility of remote learning, eliminates any geographical restriction.
  • Autonomy courses give cognitive freedom, where students can learn through self-paced curriculum.
  • Compared to offline courses, numerous online courses are available at a very economical price.
  • Educational resources can be saved for future reference without any physical damage.
  • One of the most hassle-free ways of learning has attracted professionals to pursue upskilling while focussing on both career and education.

Negative Impact

or no internet will disrupt the process.

  • Health issues include weak eyesight, backache, sleep disorder, dry eyes, etc.
  • Attention keeps fluctuating as there are numerous things to distract online.
  • Poor interpersonal skills due to lack of direct communication among students and teachers.
  • Online learning will be difficult for people who cannot afford digital gadgets. For example, remote education is still a challenge in rural places.


6 ways to cope up with online learning side effects

While there are numerous advantages of online education that make it the heavily supported option among students, it is not devoid of its drawbacks, particularly for learners who are primarily accustomed to the traditional learning approach. The move to digital learning has been tough for the majority of them. So, you aren’t the only one who is concerned about the side effects of transition to virtual schooling. Online lessons are challenging, but you can succeed if you follow these tips to cope up with the modern learning trends:

Stay healthy

Make sure to take regular breaks; give your eyes and brain some good rest. Walk-in between to fix your posture and feel light. Practice some eye exercise, shoulder exercise, blinking, etc.

Communicate effectively

Since online education eliminates physical presence, it will also curtail most communication. So, make sure to communicate as much as possible; ask questions, give some ideas, participate in the discussion, ask doubts and get them cleared, talk to other students through calls, interact regularly.

Say no to procrastination.

Make sure you stick to your schedule, practice time management, and complete everything on time. Don’t procrastinate as tomorrow never comes- finish your assignments now; study for your tests today!

Overcome Distractions

When studying online, utilise technology for learning and not any other purposes. For example, don’t check your Instagram notification, avoid browsing unrelated content, or don’t end up simply staring at the screen. Instead, focus on the content and absorb knowledge.

Be disciplined

Don’t lie on your bed and study while yawning or popping chips. Have a proper seating arrangement like a desk, fine lighting, comfortable chair, etc. Avoid any disturbances, so isolate yourself while studying.

Make notes

Yes, I know you have online resources saving your educational material. But taking down notes will help you comprehend better and stay focussed on the chapters.

Today, with so many hurdles and challenges, education never paused; rather, it has evolved to become better. Technology has been the engine that has propelled online education forward. According to a poll done by brainly, 71% of students are satisfied with self-tutoring using digital learning systems. This underlines the value of e – learning in encouraging learners to study independently. Online learning is the burgeoning side of the education system today. So, forget all the obstacles; if dedication defines you, whether a child or a seasoned professional, online education is a great pick!

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