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Sounds Unreal but Drones are Creating Rain for a Desert

Artificial rain & drones

Katrina Kaif dancing to the tunes of tip tip barsa pani. The image is still so fresh in the mind. Have you imagined how this scene was shot? Artificial rain, obviously! How is artificial rain created in Bollywood? Giant machines and lots of water are utilized to create artificial rain in films. However, did you know that drones are now being used to create rain in deserts? Yes, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) National Center of Meteorology have used drones to beat the 50-degree sweltering heat and faking rains to relieve its citizens. 

We are sure this is too much information to process. But let us help you understand what drones are and how they can help in creating rain. 

How can drones or mini drones manipulate the weather?

The UAE meteorological centre utilized drone technology known as cloud seeding to produce rain. According to reports, drones enhance precipitation, creating electrical charges that force the clouds to fuse and make water.   

What is cloud seeding? 

A weather modification technique, cloud seeding introduces tiny ice nuclei into the subfreezing clouds to manipulate the weather. For example, it improves the cloud’s ability to produce rain by providing a base for snowflakes to form and fall on Earth.  

How is cloud seeding done through drones?

Ground-based generators or aircraft designed particularly with sprinklers for cloud seeding use silver iodide to form ice crystals. When the storm system moves through the cloud seeding area, it comes into contact with a small amount of silver iodide by burning it on the ground or releasing it in the air from the aircraft. The clouds react with the silver iodide as condensation nuclei and aid in forming snow or water droplets. 

How does cloud seeding work?

For cloud seeding to work, weathermen use their forecasting techniques to identify suitable clouds in the location of the target area with prevailing winds. Then, the appropriate conditions and the high-flying drones ensure rain.  

Where has cloud seeding technology or drone technology been used?

Cloud seeding technology has been a success in Nevada. This technology helped increase the snowpack by 10% more in the mountains each year. This research was published in the American Meteorological Society. Countries like the USA, China, India and Thailand have also used cloud seeding technology to manipulate the weather.  

What are the other reasons to use drone technology for weather manipulation?

About 50 countries have tried to modify the weather artificially to help reduce drought-like situations and prevent crop damage. Drones help farmers in dealing with emergencies like forest fires and periods of high temperature.  

However unreal this may sound, drones near me are here to change a lot of things, and till experts are sure there are no harmful side effects of drones, this manipulation of weather will continue.

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