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How Ed-Tech Solutions Are Helping Teachers Upskill

How Ed-Tech Solutions Are Helping Teachers Upskill

Blended learning – the seamless module of online and offline teaching methods adopted by schools post the pandemic are thriving. Technology-aided learning in classrooms has opened multiple opportunities across the education sector. Teachers who are upskilling and updating their resumes with skills in AR/VR, metaverse, AI and IoT ed-tech solutions are enjoying growth in their careers. The access of the internet to 67% of people in urban India with an expected surge of users will mak education accessible through ed-tech solutions. To Read more on this news, click here.

Source: India Today

Published on: September 8, 2022

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Manisha Bajaj is an in-house upskilling and content expert. She writes about digital marketing, technology, machine learning, and AI. In her free time, she participates in discussion forums that have meaningful conversations. In her writing, you will come across interesting skillsets and modern-day technologies that translate to making one job-ready.

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