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How to kickstart your career in Data Science ?

Data Science

Are you wondering if you can begin a career in data science without an IT degree? 

Are you looking to build a strong resume but don’t know how to do it? 

Are you a data science graduate having a hard time securing a job? 

If yes, then we believe you can successfully plan a career for yourself as a data scientist.

Keep reading to know exactly what you can do and how to start your career in data science.
In this blog we have covered the following to help you start your journey in building a career in data science:

  • Education required
  • Soft skills required
  • Hard skills required
  • Last words


To become a data scientist, one should have an undergraduate or a postgraduate degree in a relevant subject, such as Computer Engineering, Economics, Information Management, Information Technology, Mathematics and Statistics or Business information systems. Although it is not impossible to become a data scientist with just a bachelor’s degree, we highly recommend one get a master’s degree at the least.   

Soft Skills

With the correct degree and a few soft skills, we are sure you will enjoy a rocking career as a data scientist. We recommend these skills as a must to excel.

Communication skills:

The results that data science produces can be complicated to explain. Thus, presenting your methodologies and findings to non-technical audiences, like the creatives department, is an essential aspect of a data scientist.  

Critical Thinking:

An intelligent and unbiased investigation, evaluation, and interpretation of facts is needed to produce a usable and reasonable understanding. This is called critical thinking. A data scientist’s job revolves around such activities; therefore, they require adequate thinking skills. 

Problem Solving:

Data scientists are expected to not leap into a solution mode and generate a hypothesis whenever a problem arises. Thus, data scientists must invest time developing the capacity to characterize the problem, making it distinct and unambiguous.

Hard Skills

It might be tough to comprehend where to begin if you want to pursue a professional career in a field such as data science. However, understanding technical abilities is essential for data scientists to prioritize their time and efforts. The skills that most job seekers would want to teach people entering this field and kickstarting their journey in data science are Statistics, Programming and Coding, Machine Learning and Deep Learning, Model Deployment, and Data visualization. 

There is no established method to kickstart your journey in any discipline, let alone data science. However, with the skills and degrees mentioned above, you can start ticking them off individually and get an idea of where your career is going. Apart from this, try various sources to learn different things from and decide which method of learning suits you the best.  

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