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Moment Marketing Guide: How to Make Your Brand Ride the Latest Trend


Moment marketing is a promotional tactic brands use to market themselves by taking advantage of an event or a happening. This implies that you’re marketing to your target audience at the moment, specifically about a buzz topic that’s relevant to your brand. 

What’s in here? 

  • 2022 Moment Marketing Hits
  • Best Ways for Brands to Indulge in Moment Marketing
  • How To Prepare Your Team for Moment Marketing at the Right Time? 
  • How to Create Brand Moments? 
  • Why Moment Marketing Might Not Work for Your Brand and What Can You Do Instead? 
  • Micro-moment Marketing: What is Micro-moment Marketing?  

Speaking of brands creating a buzz, every brand invests into moment marketing today. However, to give you a peak at some of the best moment marketing examples in 2022, we’ve added three below. 

Have a look to get inspired and kick-start your moment marketing 2022 campaign: 

Amul Moment Marketing in India – The Trend Setter 

Amul is one of the pioneers of moment marketing. Moment marketing of Amul sets the stage for brands across the country with their proactive responses to events time-to-time. 

If you’re ever facing an advertiser’s creative block, we’ll check out what Amul’s moment marketing team is up to and you’ll definitely find something to get you out of the sludge. 

Amul Moment Marketing examples: 

Netflix’s ‘Stranger Things Buzz’ Going Big, Big… and Bigger!  

Speaking of moment marketing in 2022, Netflix, the OG-OTT took the world by a rift. While most brands limit their moment marketing strategy to digital or print media, Netflix went all in to moment market ‘Stranger Things Season 4’ offline and online.  

The online streaming giant took over some of the popular locations across the world including the Gateway of India to create a dramatic buzz amongst the viewers. They have also gone far enough to collaborate with Oreo, to create ‘Stranger Things Themed’ Oreo biscuits to build the excitement further.   

Shark Tank Talks: Conversation to Connect With

Indian audience was hooked by Shark Tank India 2022. While the concept of the show was intriguing, the dynamic Sharks of the show added to its merriment. But the creative brands weren’t going to let go, many brands come up with creative moment marketing conversations using the humorous catchphrases of the Sharks.

Keep in mind that your brand’s moment marketing aim is to be the talk-of-the-town, to engage and to be relevant.        

The above moment marketing examples 2022 are just a few examples to get you started. Feel free to immerse yourself while you browse about moment marketing trends and other popular brand tweets that will crack you up as well as inspire you to come up with a creative moment marketing campaign yourself. 

Best Ways for Brands to Indulge in Moment Marketing

If you’re already in deep waters, inspired to come up with moment marketing ideas for your team, here’s how to create brand moments: 

Comment on Incidents Relevant to Your Brand

As a brand, you would want to have relevant and proactive moment marketing campaigns. However, you don’t have to fall under the pressure of commenting about everything that’s happening around you. 

So, look out for what resonates with your product/service or brand. Come up with creatives, memes, gifs, videos, social media posts or anything that suits your content.

For example, if you’re a marketing executive of a pharmaceutical company, you don’t have to worry about Cannes. But you can definitely suggest a fix for Will Smith’s temper. 

Reach Out to Your Target Audience at the Right Time in the Right Way

It’s all in the *Moment*. As the name suggests, to successfully engage with your audience, you need to publish topical connect only in-the moment. Once the moment has passed, you lose the interest of your audience as it becomes repetitive. 

Along with timeliness, a moment marketing initiative also requires you to focus on your target audience. Your TG sets the tone and style of the content. Thus, curate your marketing strategy on the basis of your audience and their interests. 

Don’t Take it Too Far to Get Creative

Moment marketing is one way to get your creative juices flowing. However, as a brand, you need to be conscious about what you post. Any content that can hurt the sentiments of your audience or if you’re trying to be cool by imbibing derogatory content, will only lead to brand damage.   

Why the word of caution? Brands at times fail to succumb to the pressure and resort to tweeting derogatory cliches that are ‘no-more-cool’. Hence, keep away from shaming, the negative talk and all the online gossip that can your brand image. 

Experiment with New Trends and See What Works

Social media and other digital platforms update themselves every other day. Trends come and go, one day there’s TikTok while the other there are reels, while you catch up with the changes online, you should definitely conduct experiments to identify what your audience likes and connects the best with. 

Modify your current marketing campaigns depending on the response you receive from your customers. This will help you create unique, topical content that resonates with your audience.  

To cater to your audience with effective moment marketing campaigns, marketing professionals must be prepared in advance.  

How To Prepare Your Team for Moment Marketing at the Right Time?

To come up with sizzling moment marketing content, as a marketing professional, you must:

  1. Keep yourself updated with the day-to-day market trends
  2. Maintain a predictable calendar to cater to upcoming events
  3. Have timely creatives ready for different outcomes for special events. For example, content for cricket matches, upcoming shows etc.
  4. Maintain a document to jot down witty comments, quirky combats and also inspirations to help you ideate. 
  5. Stick to your brand message and curate content creatively on the same.  

Tip: Ultimate Moment Marketing Calendar You Can Prepare for 2022

“In a marketer’s toolkit, moment marketing is one of the areas that will continue to evolve and there’s no right or wrong way to do it, experience will teach us. But as I see it: the evolution of moment marketing will be how companies can successfully build campaigns picking up from moments. Furthermore, how brands can actually progress to create their own moments to leverage onto it. ”

  • Dilen Gandhi on YT, Ex Senior Director & Category Head – Foods, PepsiCo India (credits)   

How to Create Brand Moments?

The future of moment marketing lies in creating brand moments or engaging with audience with micro-moment marketing. Although, creating a brand moment can be super exciting and also rewarding for your brand. 

As advertisers compete in the moment marketing race on any special day, curating a brand-specific moment for your audience can get you all the head-turners you want. 

So, how to create brand moments that can make your audience go gaga?

Cater to Your Target Audience and Have Your Tone

Keep your TG in mind while creating content. Create your audience persona to create content that resonates with each of them. For instance, if you’re catering to a young single audience, you will form your message differently as compared to an ad catering to mothers for a product. 

Capture a Moment Marketing Opportunity 

Apart from the regular moment marketing calendar, as marketers, you need to keep an eye and an open creative mindset to come up with shareable content that people L.O.V.E. The internet has the iconic Oreo Superbowl moment as an example and we just can’t skip it. So, ya that’s apt. 

Captivate or Connect with Topical Content

Just like the Superbowl incident, you can look at what’s happening around popular events. Someone will definitely wear a cringeworthy attire or have a response we didn’t see coming, capture that and talk about it. 

Audiences love engaging with current events, own your brands unique voice reacting to what’s occurring around an event.

Use the Emotional approach

Come up with emotional content that connects. 

Use visuals or write with brevity in your texts (tweets)

Compliment your content with posts, images, memes, gifs or video. Visual content grabs the audience more than lengthy textual content. 

If you’re using text, use short 3–5-word tweets to deliver your message. 

Be Creative to Culture-Jack

Culture jacking into pop culture really helps connect with today’s audience. Commenting on various pop culture shows, music, sports etc helps your brand stay relevant with today’s time. 

See What Works with Your Audience and Do More of That

 After doing all of the above, track engagement on all your efforts. Realign your marketing strategy further on what your TG is resonating with and commenting on. While marketing, do more of what your TG loves. 

But, doing all this requires creative curators and dedicated time. What if your brands efforts aren’t summing up to make a good moment marketing strategy? 

Why Moment Marketing Might Not Work for Your Brand and What Can You Do Instead?

Every day cannot be a splendid one. Similarly, not all of your marketing efforts are going to hit the mark. If your marketing team functions on a fixed schedule with a tight calendar, most times it might be a next to impossible task to catch up with the moment marketing trends and content. In that case, even if you struggle your way to the finish line, your efforts are meant to go in vain as the internet loves instant consumption. 

If you’re facing similar challenges with moment marketing, here’s a fix: Micro-moment Marketing is the next big thing. 

Micro-moment Marketing: What is Micro-moment Marketing? 

Micro-moment marketing is an intent-rich reflex marketing that forces your audience to act on a need to learn something, do something, discover something, watch something, or buy something.

Micro-moments occur when people reflexively turn to a device – increasingly a smartphone, brands create micro-moments keeping this in mind. 

By making a micro-moment, you can create moments for your audience by geographical relevance, by interests, by browse search etc. Thus, narrowing down your marketing efforts depending on your goals.  

Be it moment marketing, creating moments or micro-moment marketing, the final goal is to create brand awareness, to show your brand presence in today’s digitally hyper-active-pro-active world. The world today works on the fingertips of people and so, your marketing campaigns must cater to get them scrolling for more! 

The best way to master the art of moment marketing, is to take up a digital marketing course online or join an online marketing community to ace your practices.

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