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ROI Of Investing In Upskilling Is Much Higher Than Gold, Mutual Funds And FDs

Student Loans for Upskilling

According to a recent report from edtech Great Learning- Upskilling Financial Impact Report, upskilling offers 18 times greater returns than other prevalent investment options. Market risks can affect gold values, mutual funds, and cryptocurrency trades, but upskilling doesn’t come with such uncertainty. Instead, upskilling is an investment that is resistant to the fluctuations of market instability and ensures that professionals will receive strong returns upon their expertise. In fact, upskilling can significantly boost the annual salary for both seasoned professionals and fresh graduates. Read More

Published on: 15/7/2022

Source: News 18

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Manisha Bajaj is an in-house upskilling and content expert. She writes about digital marketing, technology, machine learning, and AI. In her free time, she participates in discussion forums that have meaningful conversations. In her writing, you will come across interesting skillsets and modern-day technologies that translate to making one job-ready.

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