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Top 5 Free Cryptocurrency Courses Online

Cryptocurrency course

One of the most hyped-up forms of investment lately has been cryptocurrencies. Although the market is highly volatile, investment in crypto has given investors exponential profits (and losses). While crypto isn’t an entirely new term to us all, most of us still have a lot to learn about cryptocurrency. 

Learning Cryptocurrency 

The best way to have complete knowledge about crypto is by taking a course on it. A systematic learning program will cover everything you need to know chronologically. It’s even better when it’s free!

Cryptocurrencies hold the possibility for exponential growth, and it’s a good source of passive income with the right knowledge and market analysis. So, if you’re interested in the same, here are 5 free courses to learn about cryptocurrency:

  1. Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Technologies by Princeton University 
  2. EdX (Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies 
  3. Introduction to Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain 
  4. BLOC-511D: Introduction to Digital Currencies 
  5. Coinbase Earn

1. Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Technologies by Princeton University

This course on Bitcoin and cryptocurrency is available for free on Coursera. The mentor for this course is Arvind Narayan, a computer scientist and associate professor at Princeton University. This course will teach you about the working of Bitcoins, Security of Bitcoin and privacy of Bitcoin users. This course also throws light on how the prices of bitcoin are determined and regulated. To gather a total understanding of the future of Bitcoin take this course. However, there is no certification upon completion of the course. But you can take up this course for free on Coursera.

2. EdX (Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies) by UC Berkeley

This course covers the basic properties of bitcoin and the mechanics behind it. The practical applications of Bitcoin such as mining and wallets, information on how to destroy bitcoin and malicious manning strategies are also explained. You don’t need prior experience to take up this course. But it prepares you to make a career as a crypto trader, blockchain developer etc. The level of the course is introductory and there are no formal prerequisites to undertake it. Although the course is free to audit, you can pay $99 to get a verified certificate to prove your completion.

3. Introduction to Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain (Udemy)

The aforementioned course provides a theoretical understanding of crypto from a technical and economic perspective. It also shares the opportunities this technology can provide to investors and entrepreneurs. It trains you to transact your own bitcoin and how to deem bitcoin as an asset. This is a relatively shorter course with a total video duration of around 2 hours. It is recommended for students from all disciplines. However, there is no certification for the completion of the course. We recommend it because of its short duration and elementary teaching. You can enroll in this course for free on the official website of Udemy by creating an account.

4. BLOC-511DL: Introduction to Digital Currencies (by UNIC)

This is the first massive open online course (MOOC) on cryptocurrencies and blockchain. The course puts bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in a broad framework of money and its history, before looking at the practical implementation of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. It also covers the evolving relationship between digital currencies and financial institutions, as well as the broader world.The course is taught by Antonis Polemitis, George Giaglis and Andreas Antonopoulos. We recommend this course as it is constantly updated to keep up with the changing market needs. After the completion of this course, you can also be a member of a community of over 80,000 students.

5. Coinbase Earn

Coinbase provides a selection of introductory courses in cryptocurrencies. These courses will help you learn crypto immediately after signing up and meeting the eligibility criteria. It is simple, educational and rewarding. This course will enable any learner to get a holistic view of cryptocurrencies. You will also earn small amounts of cryptocurrency by answering quiz questions on the topic, so you’ll have a small amount to work with right after your course.

These are some of the courses we suggest to learn about cryptocurrency. It is important to keep in mind that cryptocurrencies have great potential and huge risks at the same time. You must first learn the basics and do your own research before investing in them.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to invest in cryptocurrencies?

You can invest in cryptocurrencies. The first step is to pick a broker and a crypto exchange. Then you have to create and verify your account. Then simply deposit cash to invest and place your crypto order. 

2. Is investing in cryptocurrency safe?

Cryptocurrencies are risky but extremely profitable assets. We recommend you analyze the risks and plan the share of the portfolio you invest in. 

3. What does crypto ROI mean?

It is a metric term used to measure the performance of crypto investment. It stands for return on investment. 

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