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Unemployment Rate Shows Declining Trend: Government to Rajya Sabha


Quoting the Periodic Labour Force Survey (PLFS), Rameswar Teli, the Labour and Employment Minister of State, announced that the country has witnessed an increase in employment. Answering a member of the congress over an unemployment study, the minister further stated that the PLFS report is the officially trusted source that indicated an upward trend in employment over the past year. The estimated Work Population Ratio (WPR) for persons aged 15 and above was 47.3%, 50.9% and 52.6% during the years 2018-19, 2019-20 and 2020-21, respectively, indicating the increasing trend in employment.
Published Date: 28/7/2022
Source: Economictimes  

Great Resignation or Great Reimagination: A talent map for 2022

The world witnessed the moment of Great Resignation the past year. A number of people voluntarily resigned due to burnout, lack of work-life balance and other reasons; and the population began reflecting and resigning. However, this time a resignation wasn’t looked upon as a dead-end but a door to many possibilities and a new opportunity. While Beyonce’s single “Break My Soul” became the anthem of the prevailing burnout culture and was labelled online as “An Ode to the Great Resignation”, you might be fairly surprised that most of the people who resigned were of the age group 35-40.  Keeping in mind that employees need to be their authentic self at work, companies too are reflecting towards work culture in the present day. HR teams are working hard to now match up with the expectations of the employees, rather than the otherwise scenario of the employee succumbing to the conditions of the employers.  
Published on: 28/7/2022
Source: Economics times


Data Scientist and Businesses Using Data Need to Up their Data Game, Reports Suggests 

In the fast-paced data-driven world of today, where the concept of data is a decade old, companies are yet to adapt to new technologies. Ironically, a recent report by Snowflake points out that only 6% of global Businesses are using Data in a way that grants them beneficial results. This astonishing number indicates the level at which Businesses need to invest in Data and Data-driven solutions to cater to their business goals.  

Furthermore, another study by Coursera drew attention to the lack of creative skills among Data Scientists. While the field is booming with opportunities and possibilities, this edtech firm found that most Data Science students excel in analytical, mathematical and even statistical sensibility. However, refrain or lack the art of Data Visualization and Data Storytelling. Even if numbers are vital to running any successful business, conceptualizing problems and solutions in the form of data is developing as a skill and an art to hone. Therefore, it wouldn’t be wrong to state that businesses and Data Scientists across sectors need to strive and make better use of their skills.
Published on: 28/7/2022 and 22/7/2022
Source: Infoworld.com 

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