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5 Analytical Skills for a Job Winning Resume!

How does the mention of analytical skills enhance my resume?

Analytical skills are essential for individual development and making a company profitable. Therefore, hiring committees and HR heads are always looking for skills that ascertain analytical thinking. The ability to recognize trends, draw logical conclusions, and convert the data into valuable business strategies that the organization can work towards is a desired trait in most fields such as finance, law, data science, and medicine.

What are some critical thinking situations to include in your resume?

Top 5 most critical analytical skills to include in your resume:

1.Planning & Management:

Planning and management are crucial skills for all managers, irrespective of their field. The hiring committee is on the lookout for these analytical skills to ensure a person has what it takes to become a future leader in the organization. Take up projects within your organization that allow individual and group planning, and note the same in your resume.

2. Critical thinking & Problem Solving:

Analytical thinking is often confused with critical thinking, and while there are some overlaps, they are distinctly different from each other. Critical thinking supports analytical skills, which is a standout point on your resume. Mention instances where you faced an issue and used analytical thinking to come up with a solution.

3. Analysis & Improvements:

Explaining the process of how you analyze and how you utilize the results to produce an outcome is also a great example of analytical skills. Did you refine the process or improve something to produce better results? Because an employer places heavy points on this section of your resume.

4. Research:

Conducting research and digging for facts is underrated but an essential characteristic organizations look for in a good candidate. Most people can work out solutions when information is readily available but researching data and reaching a viable conclusion is vital to an organization.

5. Comparison & Complexity:

Similar to research, comparing two or more items to determine which would produce better results requires strong analytical skills. In addition, employers understand that handling complex or technical data needs one to pull in analytical skills as it requires much thought, knowledge, and analysis.


Quantifying your achievements may not be analytical, but it shows the laurels you have achieved while applying analytical thinking. Make sure you collect enough certifications and recommendations that will help you enhance your resume.
To build the perfect resume for your dream job, you can look up a few online courses on LinkedIn and upskilling websites. Need more help, You can also avail the free online resume maker sites to help give your CV the aesthetic uplift so that the interviewers do not miss any of the key pointers that you may have mentioned on your resume. Below are a few sites we recommend you visit :

• Zety
• ResumeLab
• LiveCareer
• Resume Genius
• Wozber
• VisualCV
• Kickresume
• FlowCV
• MyPerfectResume
• Canva

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