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Why AI Professionals Make More Money! – Explained

Artificial Intelligence Careers

An average annual salary of an AI Engineer in India is nearly 10 lakhs per annum. Whereas, an AI Research Scientist earns around 18 LPA every year. Artificial intelligence is one of the fascinating and hottest careers right now. There are several factors contributing to the rise in professional demand for machine learning, but the most important ones are – its lucrative salaries and the gamut of opportunities it offers.

From personalised shopping to self-driving cars, application of artificial intelligence are diverse. Today, AI is everywhere and has exponentially increased the demand for machine learning professionals. As a result, AI jobs are considered as one of the most high-paying jobs today. So how do AI experts make so much money? What makes machine learning jobs pay you amazing salaries? 

Here are 5 things AI professionals bring to the table that helps them make more money-

1. Every Industry (Public and Private) Uses AI Today

Artificial intelligence is believed to bring up a revolution in the tech domain. Industries like finance, healthcare, automobiles, retail, manufacturing, and technology, are using AI right now, and the list is expected to grow further in the future. In fact, AI will be important for private and public sectors. AI will be useful for the Government to automate tedious operations, handle sensitive missions across borders, research and evaluation of public needs and demands. Whereas, the private sectors too will use AI to market their products, learn customers etc. In addition to that, the healthcare sector will be able to provide personalised or customised drugs with the help of AI to cure patients. 

2. AI Technology Can Be Customized for Every Sector & Need

When we think of AI, most people believe it is all about Robots. Yes, robotics does require artificial intelligence, but AI isn’t solely functioning for robotics. It has numerous other roles as well. One of the common yet very crucial application of artificial intelligence is to understand the customer and offer services they would be interested in for example Netflix recommendations. 

Further, the recruitment industry, AI with its automation is helping out both employers and employees in connecting with better prospects. AI technology has greatly improved the healthcare sector, particularly in the areas of patient care, clinical documentation, and personalized treatment. Similarly, be it entertainment, finance, aviation, healthcare etc; AI is useful regardless of the industry type. 

Artificial Intelligence

3. AI Technologies are Trendsetters

AI is a broad field that encompasses many different kinds of technologies. Natural Language Processing, or NLP, is one of the most well-known AI technologies. It involves machines processing texts and speech the way humans comprehend it. Some typical applications of AI include predictive text, language translation, and smart assistants like Siri.  Virtual Agents like Chatbots and image recognition software are other popular AI technologies. Emotion Recognition and tricks of fusing emotional intelligence with AI is a game changing innovation too. All these cutting-edge technologies within the domain makes it a promising and lucrative career option. 

4. AI Professionals are Task Masters

As said before, this is a constantly evolving sector. So, you have to build that kind of fast-paced attitude both in terms of learning and adapting to new technologies. AI experts are flexible working in diverse sectors, not just one that is comfortable. One must always think outside the box, because curiosity is a life force. Since AI is found in almost every sector, professionals are flexible and bound to work across numerous roles. AI professionals are prepared to work in unforeseen circumstances, find new strategies, resolve problems, and just keep going.

5. The Booming AI Job Market

By 2025, the artificial intelligence market will be valued around USD 190 billion. So, if you consider employment, there is no shortage. As per reports, there are 2,740 vacant AI Engineer positions in India. This itself is a massive number of jobs in one domain all alone. However, there is more to the employment market for AI in the future. World Economic Forum estimates that by the end of this year, AI-enabled automation will create 133 million more jobs. Can you now envision what this sector is expected to develop into?

If you ever thought of a career in AI, it’s a wise choice. This is an extremely rewarding career. Yes, you have to hone multiple skills and have sound knowledge of AI technologies. The world is small, but not the internet. Utilize digital platforms to their full potential to discover more about the sector. You can learn the domain fundamentals and master the expertise with specialised courses and quality upskilling. So, without any second thoughts, just prepare yourself to the best till you get an offer of your dream job!

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